Sunday, July 18, 2010

Project 365 Week 29

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Once again it is time to check out my week.  It was busy but very fun.  Andrew was out of town at baseball camp and I managed to get him in a picture.  Go figure...he leaves town and I get a good picture of him.

Here goes!!


Arizona Baseball Camp

Andrew visited University of Arizona, where I got my masters degree, with his dad this week.  He went to an Arizona Baseball Camp run by the U of A baseball staff and players.  He had a great week.  He would like nothing more than to go there for school.  I think that is great!!  He is in the red shirt all the way to the left.


Dare Devils

S really wanted to go to MB2 raceway while she was with us.  We went and she got to race go carts.  She decided that she wanted to do the adult race with her dad but she took the first turn too fast and crashed!!!  The great thing about S is that she just doesn't give up.  She got back in the car and raced again.  What an amazing girl.  


Super Hero Day

It was dress up like a super hero day today at camp.  Bella is Hippie Girl.  I just love the socks and the shoes.  She came up with it all by herself, very creative don't you think??


Girly Girls

Bella and S decided that they wanted to do each others nails and make up.  They were so cute giggling and talking about beauty tips.  I had so much fun watching them.  They decided that they would get up and do each others makeup for camp since it was Sarah's last day.  Later that day Bella decided that fifth grade girls have no business wearing makeup.  Too much trouble...don't I know it.


My Big Boy

Today was the last day of baseball camp and my boy got to pitch.  I love this picture.  It is at a stadium that I liked to go to when I was in college and now he is ON the field pitching.  Wow am I old!!



Today it was camps turn to go to Disneyland.  Here is one of my CIT groups enjoying some pizza and pasta.  It was so stinking hot today.  I sweat in places I never knew I...lets just say I sweat a lot.  We had fun.  Rich flew to Iowa to take S home today.  We were all a little sad. 


Veggies from My Mom's Garden

Rich stayed with my parents last night while he was in Iowa and brought us yummy veggies from my Mom's garden.  Onions, butternut squash, zucchini, and green beans.  How lucky am I???

In Summary:  The key to getting Andrew in a picture is to not tell him you are taking it.  There dare devil girly girl had to go home, but we had an amazing time.  Our relationship couldn't be stronger and it was like we all were never apart.  This is good news and completely changes our attitude.  Disneyland wiped me out, but mom's veggies loaded me up again.  My Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Challenge is going strong and boy it is amazing what a little attitude adjustment can do.  I am excited to be sharing my blessings and helping myself achieve some goals.  We had a great week and obviously we are very blessed!!

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Some people just don't like their pictures taken... which makes it all the more fun to do it anyways! :)

    Baseball camp and make up and Disneyland? Sounds like a busy week!

  2. awesome pics! sounds like a great week...enjoy this next one too!

  3. Those veggies look incredible! Looks like it was a good week in your household!

  4. We are living on fresh veggies and fruit's one of my favorite things about summertime!

    Have a great week!

  5. Veggies from your mom's garden? Oh, how neat is that!!!

  6. I grew up in Tucson and am heading there tomorrow to visit my mom. My daughter is actually applying to grad school there!!! I didn't attend the U of A, but I would love for her to be more excuse to go home. :)

    those veggies look delish!

  7. Please ask Bella what specific powers Hippie Girl possesses. I believe this may be a career move to consider, and I want to make sure I am qualified.

  8. You were a busy bee! How exciting for Andrew to be at U of A! Love the pic of S and Rich in the helmets! I think Bella might be on to something with Hippie Girl! I can see the action figure now! :)
    Have a super week Amy!!

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  10. What a great week, Amy! I'm lovin' Bella's personality shining through here... from hippie to all-natural. Her pretty skin doesn't need the makeup anyway. :) If only I could go back to those days. Ha!

  11. Yeah, for technology and being able to spy on the kids even while at camp!
    Our Basque girl was at camp all week and I kept looking for her on the camp website photo gallery. She leaves Sunday.
    Love those veggies!
    Have a great week keeping up with the challenges!

  12. Looks like you had a good week. I'm so glad S had a good time - hopefully that will be remembered.

  13. Sweet pitching photo. Glad you got that one. Those anti-photo people can really make things difficult for us bloggers, eh? Ironically, I happen to be an anti-photo person myself. Good thing I'm the blogger and the owner of the good camera in my household!