Sunday, July 11, 2010

Project 365 Week 28

Hopefully this week Blogger will be nice to me and a) post the post as it previews and b) get rid of the autospell yellow highlight.  Maybe too much to ask since all of my technology is going haywire. Even my Words with Friends keeps all my tiles in my queue even when I use them.  I am going to attribute it to my magnetic personality...ha ha.

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Without further is my fabulous week 28


Fourth of July at the Park

Even though we moved away from Simi Valley we decided to park in our old neighborhood and walk to the park for fireworks.  Our good friends still go there and it is really the best place to watch fireworks and play around before.  Rich, Andrew, S and Bella went to throw the ball around before hand.  The fireworks were spectacular and with S and I both cuddled up to Rich he was in heaven.  A great night.


Tuckered Out

Even though I had tons of pictures from our trip to California Adventure, this one was the one I HAD to choose.  I missed the shot of S sleeping with her head on top of Bellas.  They were so cute all cuddled up.  They have really taken to each other this trip.  Really starting to act like step sisters.  Many people at camp comment on how much S likes Bella and vice versa.  We had a great day.  Not too crowded and not hot at all. 


Go Bella Go!!

Today at camp we had a rock wall.  Bella had never done it before and she wasn't sure she wanted to try, but it looked like so much fun so she buckled in and started up.  About halfway up she wanted to stop but with a couple of "you can do it Bella" she kept going.  She was almost to the top and said that she couldn't go any further and I hollered up to her that she did really good.  But she wanted to reach the very top so she sat for a minute, took a deep breath and continued to the top.  When I grow up I want to be just like her!!


Bright Child

Our field trip today was to a big huge indoor playground.  In the snack bar area I saw this sign and it cracked me up.  Picturing a bunch of people in ties and suit throwing balls at each other, sliding down the slides, and jumping in the ball pit.  I'd volunteer to work that one.


Puppy Petting Day

We had puppies on campus today.  One of Bella's favorite days.  She loves her puppies.


Happy Birthday Rich??

Yes I know it seems as though this should be MY birthday bag, but sadly it is Rich's.  He wanted these cool sandal shoes so I just HAD to go to DSW and do some birthday shopping, and no I didn't even get one pair for me...even though I looked hard.  We had a nice birthday dinner and ice cream.


Fire Fire Fire

Another fire pit night.  S and Bella wanted to have a fire pit so we got out the marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate and had another fun night around the fire pit.  It was a perfect cool night for this event.

In Summary:  I am having a hard time dealing with being thrown under the bus, so to speak .  My therapist says it is very normal for kids to do that when they feel they need to align with one parent, but it is still hard to take.  The only solice is that I really feel the truth, and the ultimate judge knows the truth too.   He sees what really goes on and is blessing us with wonderful memories that will carry us through the next couple of months.  I also know that she knows the truth too and one day she will have the courage to speak it.  One day.

More Later

- A Ro
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  1. That looks like a fun week. Go Bella! Sadly, I couldn't do a rock climbing wall right now - but maybe someday!

    I'm sorry you're still having bus trouble. I hope that the day of realization comes sooner rather than later!

  2. I love the shot of the exhausted girls!!
    You know, some grown ups need to go to a party and throw balls and go down slides. Might make them a little nicer!! :)
    Bella, I think you ROCK!! Way to go on that wall girlfriend!
    That Rich would want shoes, oh that does a woman's heart good! :)
    Have a super week and I'll be praying that the bus takes you for a healing ride very soon!!

  3. Your Monday picture is priceless. That was what my kids looked like this morning as I tried to get them awake for school.

    Yeah, breakfast was fun.