Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love this time of the year.  Really from Halloween through New Year's Day makes me oh so very happy.  I love everything about it.  With the exception of having a horrible cold a few weeks ago the past weeks have not let me down. 
I have had many beverages from the Starbucks holiday cups

Got to work with some wonderful kids (especially Woodstock) in our Middle School musical.

Got to watch Bella serve bread to needy people at Manna house.

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Complete with everyone's favorite...Scalloped Pineapple.

And shared it with two very special girls (and a few camera shy guys).

And to top it off I got a very sweet card from Sarah and it really brought a tear to my eye.  Especially thinking back to the Thanksgivings without her in our lives.  I really took it all in and was very thankful of all my blessings this year.

My Thanksgiving weekend ended with an ink pen in the dryer and a very special accidentally adorned pancake...

...I choose to dwell on the pancake.

More Later

- A Ro 


  1. Ink pen in the dryer-yikes! I'd dwell on the pancake too. It's nice to see you back : )

  2. Scalloped pineapple - do tell more! Or did you share that last year? Hmm - I'll have to look around your blog to see.

    I'm so glad you have Rich's kids with you guys now - I think it's good for Bella to have a sister :)

    Sorry about the pen - but the pancake is amazing - ha!

  3. The dreaded ink pen in the dryer. I always say a prayer of thanks when the thing is intact and not on the boys' clothes!