Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Purge

OK people....this isn't going to be pretty.  I have been knee deep in middle schoolers due to tech week for our middle school musical.  However, that doesn't mean that life in the A Ro household has stood still, oh no, life keeps on trucking with or with sleep or sanity.

So this is just a purge of some of the hot topics around here lately.  No wit, no nonsense, no glamour just the facts ma'am.

Sarah wanted to go to the haunted house down the street.  As you know, unless Chevy Chase  is running a haunted house I am not going in.  BUT I love a good family outing so decided that I would just walk down with them and wait outside.  Little did I know that a guy with a chainsaw would come out to "warm the crowd up" before they went inside.  Well I made the big mistake of looking completely freaked out, which I was, and started to walk, very quickly, away.  Yeah, you all know what happened next...he started following me.  I am telling you people the rage grew within me and I almost punched his lights out. 

note to self...it is just pretend.

My daughter is Woodstock in the aforementioned middle school musical.  She is second from the left in the front with all of her Beagle Scout birds, oh my stinkin' heart.

Andrew met a girl last summer at summer camp and, unfortunately, she lives about 10 hours away.  However, her mom and I love our kids and we arranged for her to fly down for a weekend.  She is lovely, smart, kind, funny, athletic, mature, and absolutely wonderful.  They both are just so perfect together.  He also passed his driving test the morning she came, so it was an all around great weekend.

Yes, Halloween came last night in the midst of it all, but look at these cute girls.  They crack me up!!

My first, failed, attempt at taking our picture during trick or treating...

Much better...look how handsome he is!!
Nerds in action.

The loot.  We had so much fun. 

And finally....

My favorite time of the year has arrived.


More Later

A Ro


  1. Ha-my daughter and I were just discussing the Starbucks red cups : ) Looks like all is happy and busy at your house.

  2. Nerds, Woodstock, and a some sweet coul,es - what a busy, fun, time of your life!! It's all gooood!!

  3. I love this post! Woodstock - too cute! Andrew's girl - too cute! The nerds - too cute! :)

  4. So much going on. Love the nerd costumes. How awesome to fly here over for the weekend. Hope they had a great time.