Monday, April 9, 2012

Wait a Minute, Spring Break is Over...Already??

Just when I have gotten used to sleeping in, trying to sit around and do nothing, working out when it is actually light out, and spending some quality time with my kindle (and my kids) it's over.


We did go out with a bang.  Bella got her hair cut, Rich and I went on a coffee date, and we had a wonderful Easter complete with my infamous clue driven scavenger hunt, and we finished most of Isabella's spring break to do list. 

The Easter scavenger hunt is a favorite around these parts.  You see each kidlet got a set of clues and have to find their Easter basket, and yes Andrew still loves to play which means Justin had to play too.  Bella starts first and it goes youngest to oldest.  I am such the clever mom so that every other clue sends them upstairs.  The first couple of times we all trudged upstairs Maggie our dog bounded after us, but after the 10th time or so she was looking at us as if we were crazy.  Rich got into it too and helped with writing the clues, hiding the clues, and making sure everyone hauled it up and down those darn stairs.  It was so much fun.

Here are a few pics of our last weekend of freedom.

Bella's new hair cute.

Bella and her first clue.

Bella's treasure.

Sarah's first clue.
Sarah's treasure.

Andrew's first clue, and is true he posed and smiled for this picture.  My little boy is finally succumbing to his mother's will.

The final prize.  Yes that is a Pikachu painting that Bella painted for him...its a long story.

Justin with his first clue...and I will say he is a good sport because he didn't have a chance to shower, and I have caught his eyes closed because I snapped the picture quickly for fear he would change his mind.

and his prize...and another poor attempt by me at capturing Justin.

I will end this blog post with a very cute video.  A little background first.  I was watching Ellen (during one of my weaker "I am going to sit and do nothing" moments) and she had a segment called Dancing Dares.  It is where people dance behind unknowing people.  I know it sounds very stupid but if you YouTube this you will find it to be very funny.  So Bella and Sarah did it to Rich as a first attempt before trying to do it to a stranger.  I'm telling you I laughed my butt off.


More Later

- A Ro


  1. That video is HILARIOUS - they're such nuts :)

  2. you guys crack me up! awe... even the boys got in on the pix - go, mama! ;)