Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Camp Antics

Crazy hair day, water slide, and roller skating rounded out this week.
...I think I work harder at camp than I do during the school year.

My daughter wanted to have the craziest hair. We put it into braids with pipe cleaners and twisted them all up. I don't do crazy hair... is just unbecoming.
I did two pig tail braids....that is as crazy as I get,
...unless you count the time I got up onstage and put a chicken costume on.

...I certainly don't count that.

Then camp rented a big water slide and all the campers got to go down. One of my kids had a blast...and I bet you can't guess which one...

Ok dumb question....of course Bella.

GS's daughter came to camp too and had fun on the slide.

Now again, not my idea of fun...ESPECIALLY at the end of the day when every child has landed in that small cesspool...uh I mean the bottom of the slide.
no thanks I'll get my swine flu the good old fashioned shaking hands with every child as we put them into cars at the end of the day...what do you expect...private school.

The last event of my report is the skating trip...200 kids taking over a skating rink...150 kids who need to get in line for skate rental...50 kids who have never skated before falling and dragging down those poor counselors....25 kids sitting to the side with ice bags by the end of the day...10 counselors wishing they had just a small portion of Michael Jackson's pain meds...too soon for Michael Jackson jokes?? and I guarantee that everyone will be complaining about muscles they didn't know they had.

My former students...

Jacob is really not that much taller than I am ...he has skates on and I don't...although he still is really tall...

Again, not for me...this smart gal was put in charge of snacks and 4 CIT's...I prefer not to be held accountable for crushing to death small children when I fall on top of them at 1 mile per hour.

Am I just an old -fuddy duddy???

Naw I like to think of my self as a women who understands the concept of self preservation.

Again I'll stick to chicken suits and making a fool of myself on stage.

More Later

-A Ro

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