Monday, July 13, 2009

Good Old Friends

Facebook has done a lot for my quality of life...some good...some bad.

...actually I haven't had any bads, but it seems like I'd be the only one who isn't addicted to Facebook, and I hate being on the other side of trends...good or bad.

Anyway I found (or he found me), my good friend Chad because of Facebook. He is one of those friends that comes into a season of your life, makes an impact, and then leaves like the cool days of fall...

...did you like my poetic waxing??

This particular season of my life was my graduate years at the University of Arizona.

So many people do that you know...come and go like seasons of your life, and then life takes you places they cannot go...and through life changes you lose touch...

The good news is some friends can lose touch and have one evening of dinner and coffee (tea for me...yeah can't have caffiene) and feel like you never lost touch, even though it has been about 15 years since you last talked.

Some things have changed...we are both, dare I say it, older. We worry about paychecks instead of who made it into which cast or which choir. Our social lives have changed from hanging out at Geronimos to traveling for work (Chad) and shleping kids (me). But our core personalities have not changed, and that is what stoked our friendship in college, and what makes us be able to have a wonderful evening older and wiser.

Thank you Facebook!!

More later

- A Ro

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