Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All Things Musical

My life at the moment feels like a calm before the storm.  We are in the last week of rehearsals before our tech week for our Middle School musical production of Cinderella so I know what is just around the corner and also realize that no matter how hard I prepare for it that week will almost do me in.

Not to mention that I have a middle and high school choral concert tomorrow night.  I am looking forward to showing off all my students and we really are doing a great job with our songs.  But I hate the part where I have to talk to the audience.  I have so much to say about the selections, the kids, and music education in general but I fear that I am sounding like a babbling idiot. So what I do is write down what I want to say but then I don't look like I know what I am talking about because I am just reading off of a paper.

Sadly, I really think that as much as I want to be an extrovert I am really an introvert deep down inside and quite possible a little neurotic.

So back to the musical.

Bella is one of the step-sisters, Portia.  She is the dumb one.  She is having so much fun being that character. 

This picture is of the two step sisters, Cinderella, and the step mom.  They all came to rehearsal wearing the same outfit.  Now I know that when you have a school that has a uniform the chances of wearing a navy blue shirt and khaki skirt are not THAT odd, but they looked so cute.

She also won the cover art contest. 
They darkened it up a bit and, of course, added all the performance information.  It will also be on the cast t-shirts too.  So fun.

On another musical note Rich and I had a date night on Saturday and went to see Pitch Perfect.  I really liked it too and I think he did even though he probably would have rather seen Alex Cross or some other Y chromosome movie.  He knows that I could NEVER see those kinds of movies and loves me anyway.  The proof of this is that not only does he love me for not liking the same movies he does he will go see MY kind of movies. 

True love I tell you.

To end on an A Capella note I am posting the following video.  A student of mine introduced me to this A Capella group called Pentatonix.  They do a version of the new video craze Gangnam Style by the Korean singer Psy.  I love good A Capella music.  If you like this you should look them up...like me. 

But I will admit I am a little obsessed.

More Later

- A Ro

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