Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh By the Way...

...I am turning into an expert on the marching band genre.  Since Sarah has joined marching band I have been to many many half time shows and two showcases.  Now two showcases doesn't seem like a lot, but these showcases are more like marching band marathons.  You sit in football stadium stands (not very comfortable), and watch about 10 marching bands.  The trouble with this is the down time well....and listening to cruddy marching bands.  Don't even get me started with all the cruddy bands. 

Ok just one thing...what happened to marching bands being entertaining.  They are now all about this sorta etherial music and imagry lets just say there are lots of gongs and bells...except Sarah's band who did an entire show around a western theme complete with a banjo, guitar, cowboy hats, and sets.

So much fun...

The really good part about marching band is getting to see Sarah all dressed up.

Here she is in our parade I love these outfits!!

Here is the beautiful girl with her handsome dad after a showcase where they did their western themed show.

I really didn't want my picture taken, but she do I say no to that??

...I found a really cool website off of Confessions of a Pioneer Woman's website called Bake at 350.  She published a book that I purchased on Amazon and got free shipping because I am an Amazon Prime member...pretty cool.

So of course in my spare time (ha) the weekend that it came in the mail (which is only two days after I ordered it due to my prime membership...just sayin')

I made these:

I brought them to school for the teacher's lounge and they were a hit.  I am trying to plan what I am going to for'll have to wait and see.

I know, I could be a long wait knowing me.

...I was host to four girlie girls on Yom Kippur (we had the day off).  They were a lot of fun!!

...Jazz the fish is still alive!! truly is a miracle.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I love the cookies-so cute! I read an interesting article regarding moms in's the link, it made me think (in a good way)

  2. Mmm cookies...

    Love those band uniforms - so cool! I like my band to be rousing. When I was in high school we got to hear Eye of the Tiger every week (we were the Fred T. Foard Tigers - ha!).