Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Round Up

One would think that since Andrew has been playing baseball since he could practically walk I would have acquired a few necessary items.

One being one of those really cool stadium seats that is cushioned and folds up neatly with maybe a favorite major league sports team on it

Nope this mama has a blanket she folds up when she wants something to sit on and a couple of cheapy cushions that are made of plastic and foam.

Another being some sort of chair that might just have one of those shade flaps that flips over the top for days that are sunny. 

Nope...I have a couple of beach chairs with nice cup holders but no shade.  And when you think that 100% of my baseball watching days have been sunny you start to wonder how I made it through.

I also should have acquired one of those ez up shade things.  I mean really...all the cool baseball parents have one of those.

But no...I live in California where not only has he played since he was very little he plays ALL YEAR ROUND. 

But now he is a senior.

It is his last year, and really too late for getting all the gadgets.

However, it is now fall ball.

It is still in the 100's.

So...Rich and I had to bungee cord a cheap umbrella to the stands on Saturday to keep from absolutely frying.  Not only did we bungee cord it to the stands we had to use some garbage to shim it so that it would cover both of us.

Very Very Sad.  I am a disgrace to all of the baseball moms everywhere.  You know the kind who have a hat with his number on it, and buttons from when he played little league, and one of those charm bracelets with all the baseball charms.

Not I.  I have broken umbrella and a bungee cord.

Well the rest of the weekend was fabulous.  It included a date night with my wonderful husband.  We sat outside on the patio drank wine and ate a very nice dinner.  Sarah and a friend went to a football game.

Saturday night Bella had a Bar Mitzvah to attend. That sounds all fine and dandy except it was Los Angeles second "carmageddon".  This is where a major chunk of the 405 freeway (the busiest freeway in the world, OK at the very least the United States) was closed due to a bridge removal.  The weekend was SUPPOSED to be a couple of weekends ago but they moved it much to the horror surprise of the Bar Mitzvah planner who planned the Bar Mitzvah right off the 405 but purposely avoided the ORIGINAL closure date. 

There is a reason it is called carmageddon and not carmafestival or carmaparty.  Yeah it was gonna be rough.  My friend and I decided to carpool so we wouldn't have to drive both ways and we were the pick up part.  We decided to take the opportunity to go down early and eat dinner in Santa Monica and walk around the pier.  We tried a new restaurant called Fritto Misto and Italian place highly recommended by Yelp (I love Yelp)  So if you are a so cal person I highly suggest you go here.  Lots of good homemade food very reasonably priced (cheaper than Olive Garden).  A very cute little hole in the wall place. 

Sunday was chores, chores, chores, and homework.  Mostly Science and now Sarah and I know more about the rock cycle than one human should.  Except if you are my Uncle Craig who is a geologist.

Phew...tomorrow starts another round of it all.

Gotta love it!!!

More Later

- A Ro


  1. They didn't have all that fancy schmancy stuff back when my brother played baseball. And though my mom would have been one of THOSE mothers with all that stuff, she never needed it. When you never sit down the whole game you can forego the fancy seat. What she really needed was some kind of throat spray because she always had laryngitis (sp?) by the end of the game.

    I LOVED Earth Science in the 8th grade. I'm kind of surprised that I never followed up on that in later years - it never even crossed my mind.

  2. What a busy weekend! Yes the heat here is unbelieveable and should be 109 degrees on Thursday!