Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday. Monday (la laaaa la la la)

Today we headed down to LAX to pick up my Mom. She is coming to visit. I am pretty sure it is to see us but I am suspecting that it might be to get a week of 70's and 80's temperatures.  Just yesterday she was driving in heavy snow to a music festival. 

Yeah I'm not thinking this visit is for us.

However, we had to drive during major construction on the 405 lovingly called "jamzilla".

Hey Caltrans, just because you give it a cute name doesn't make it any easier to swallow.

It is all worth it because I get to see my mom.

WARNING. If you live in a state that is experiencing winter weather of any kind you might just want to close your browser and not read any further.

Yesterday we tried to get outside as much as possible and it seems that we also tried to take as many selfies as possible.
Saturday afternoon we had a picnic at the park it was so nice to lay on the blanket and just relax.

Sarah had her big dance Saturday night in Ventura so Rich and I had an opportunity to have a date night. We had one of our first dates in Ventura so we tried to recreate it. We had dinner at the same restaurant.

This time I tried a martini that the waitress recommended. An avocado martini. I really didn't like it.

Don't tell her.

We then headed to a bar by the beach and cuddled by the fire and ate some dessert.

It is amazing to think how many wonderful things have happened to us since that early date. Especially my love for this just keeps growing and growing.

Love that we have one more day off together.

More Later

- A Ro
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