Sunday, February 16, 2014

Project 365 Week 7

Hi there.  So this blog is a week in pictures for me.  It seems that me and my family are really into selfies.  In my mind this proves a couple of things:

1.  We love each other and want to be in pictures together.
2.  Bella and Sarah are nothing like Andrew who hated to be in pictures.
3.  We are together a lot.

In fact Rich and I were just talking and it is VERY rare that we all don't sit down and eat dinner together each night.  We are a very lucky family.

I also want to point out that in most of these pictures I have just come back from running (staying with my run streak) so ignore the fancy clothes and the headband.

Enjoy my pictures

Sunday February 9, 2014

Finished my Valentine's cookies.   Whale You Be My Valentine??

Monday February 10, 2014
Me and my girl.

Tuesday February 11, 2014
The Middle School faculty of my school had secret angels this week and this is what mine got me today.  I really love plants.

Wednesday February 12, 2014
I ordered some tea from David's Tea and it came today.  This is their Birthday Cake blend and it is caffeine free.  I also ordered a cinnamon blend.  I really love their tea.

Thursday February 13, 2014
We tried a Maggie included selfie so much fun.  You can see all the outtakes here.

Friday February 14, 2014
Rich and I went to get sushi and the girls hung around the mall.  We all met up just in time to take another selfie!!

Sunday February 15, 2014
Hanging out together at the park.  The temperature has been omitted to protect the innocent.

More Later

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  1. Fun photos. That tea sounds yummy and those cookies are really cute!

  2. Ha-love that last line : ) We're under literal feet of snow. I don't actually mind though. I think it's sweet you all like to get in there together. My girls and I take at least one of the three of us when we're all in the same place. That doesn't happen often these days so I say embrace it!

  3. I love all the selfies! And the plant - cool plant!