Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Randomness is About All I Can Muster

So it is Wednesday and I don't  have much to show for it.

I love going to conferences for work.  I love seeing what other choral directors are doing.  I love meeting and chatting with people who are as obsessed with daily beauty and sharing that with kids as I am.  I love getting new ideas and learning new things.

That is really one thing about myself that I can certainly hang my hat on.  I love learning new things.  I love reading books and attending seminars and chatting with people who know more than me.

And seriously Santa Barbara is a great place to do all that.

And see the harbor
And eat fresh crab cakes
And run on the beach.

The downside to being away from home for 3 days is that I feel like the rest of my life is neglected.  I am such a control freak that it is really hard to delegate responsibility even though the delegat-ee (Rich) is WAY more than happy and willing to pick up my slack.

(Love you honey!!)

Sunday we got up and went down to Long Beach to watch Andrew play baseball!!

Bad news is he didn't get to play at all. (Not too surprising for a freshman pitcher)

Good news is I GOT TO SEE  HIM!!!

And Bella too
And take more selfies

And wonder how in the heck he got so tall.  I must have shrunk

His dad got to see him pitch to a few batters on Saturday while I was still at the conference.  Look at that crazy arm location.  He is a side arm pitcher but sometimes gets to submariner levels.

He comes back to Fullerton in a week or so and I get to see all the games.  And buy him dinner.  And wonder how he got so tall....and grown up.

Gotta love my life

More Later

- A Ro

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  1. I'm on a business trip right now too! Reston Virginia is no Santa Barbara! But I do get to take the metro into DC tomorrow night to meet a blogger friend :)

  2. I could use a week in Santa Barbara, love the pictures!