Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mini Vaca

Well here I sit in the hotel business center trying to publish a mini post. When wireless internet is advertised, even in the nicest of hotels, it doesn't always work. Bella and I are a little north of Santa Barbara for Andrew's baseball tournament. So it is a little vacation for the two of us. It is beautiful up here and I'll post some pictures when I get home and am not sitting in a little room waiting for someone to come in and decide that their upcoming business meeting is a little more important than my little blog.

Andrew is here with us, and when I say with us I mean that I think he is here somewhere in this hotel. He is here with his team. This means he will say hello to me if necessary as in, Mom I need some money. Other than that we don't see each other. This worries me a little. I mean does he really know how to survive without me. Does he know how to order at a restaurant and how much to tip?? Does he know that he needs to keep his hotel room key with him because he will get locked out if he doesn't?? It is a little sad when you realize that your boy doesn't really need you any more. Thankfully his friends on the team are all boys that I either currently teach or have taught in the past so they are all very nice to me and always tell him that he has the best mom, so that makes it a bit easier for him to acknowledge my existence.

We have two baseball games today and two tomorrow and them home to deal with the upcoming garage sale.

I must have mentioned a time or two how much I hate garage sales.

In the mean time I am enjoying lounging in my nice room, reading my book, and enjoying the scenery. I am not enjoying being away from Rich and running on hotel treadmills. Rich is surviving without me but it is really cute how he calls me all the time and tells me to be careful and be safe and that he misses me. I miss him too there isn't anyone to open my door for me, to help me carry all my stuff, and to call me beautiful. Ah...love.

I'll get back to my usual blogging habit when I get back, unless the garage sale completely overwhelms me and I curl up into the fetal position, start sucking my thumb, and wanting my mommy.

Because let me tell you I am one will-you-sell-this-to-me-for-a-nickle-instead-of-a-dime person away from just throwing it all in the dumpster and calling it a day.

I'll just enlist my grouchy teenagers help...that'll show um.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. It is sad when you realize your boys don't need you like they did! I don't envy you having to sit out in the bleachers and watch baseball games! I'm so glad that is in my past! :D
    Have a good time!

  2. I don't do garage sales either. Good luck with yours...I'm glad you get a little vaca before you have to negotiate with someone over .15

    Have a nice week!

  3. i love the little vacays that our kids activities provide! your story sounds all too familiar to me. have fun! i am contemplating a garage sale too, but i hate them!

  4. Girl, by the end of my garage sale days, I'm ready to PAY SOMEONE to haul it off for me. I will sympathetically curl up in a fetal position with you.

  5. A garage sale is no small task. I'm talking myself out of one right. now. How sweet to have some one-on-one time with your Bella.

    Isn't it funny that we always question whether or not we've taught them enough? Being a parent is the greatest task of all... but oh so rewarding.

  6. aw ro i'll come help you out haha

  7. My oldest is at the I don't need you stage and I am feeling a bit sad. Isn't it amazing how great those hotels look in the photos but they look different when you get there. haha