Saturday, April 17, 2010

Project 365 Week 16

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It has been another busy week at my house.  One more week of the madness and then things settle down just a bit.  Here is a peek at my week.  Through this project I am constantly reminded of how much I have to be thankful for.  I am one blessed woman.  Go on over to Sara's blog and see all the abundance that abounds in other's lives.

The Great Rice Paper Adventure

These are the products of our journey all over the valley to try to find rice paper.  These summer rolls were very very good you can get the recipe here.  If you must you can read all about my craziness adventure here.

My New Obsession Activity

I have started a new game on my i-touch.  It is an app called Words With Friends.  It is a scrabble like game that you can play with anyone who has that app.  You play a word at your own pace and then you send it off and your friend plays their word and sends it back to you.  It is so much fun and I can play with all my family far away.  There is also a chat component so you can chat while you play.  My name is diva1969 if anyone has an internet connection with your i-touch or an i-phone you can play with me.  I am not very good...but I have fun.

Practice Makes Perfect

Here are my students listening very intently to the director during our rehearsal today.  They are such a talented bunch of kids and I enjoy working with them.  However, it was a very long week for all of us, but it will be a great show.

 Comic Relief

Leave it to my Bella to make me smile.  She is just the breath of fresh air I always need.  She cracks me up.  Weather it be walking around with a pipe cleaner mustache or a sombrero, she is always thinking of ways to just be herself...gotta love that!!

Thankful for This Book

Finished this book today.  I really enjoyed it and it really has made me think quite a bit about my attitude.  I am going to really work at this wonderful concept.


The Art of Stephen Sondheim

OK I must confess this picture was taken on Saturday morning, but it is so representative of my week and of Friday which was a very long day and afternoon rehearsal.  We are getting close now, one more week!!!


A Date Night

After my very long rehearsal today Rich and I had a date night.  We went to dinner and went to see this absolutely high-larious movie.  I would recommend it to anyone who needs a good laugh.  We loved it.

In Summary:  I am oh so very thankful for my summer rolls even though the process was a very long one.  They were worth it.  My new diversion that keeps me close to my family, makes me good at guessing letter combinations, and taught me that, yes Qi is a word and even though I have no idea what it means, it is worth a lot of points!!  My students and my kids fill my life with joy and having Rich in my life is an absolute God send.  I am a very lucky girl.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I was wondering about that movie. I love Tina's sense of humor. I will have to go see it. That book does look good. I just did a post the other day on Being Thankful. I don't think people say it enough.

  2. Your dish looks and sounds de-lish! Your Bella looks and sounds adorable. Thankfulness really is a great concept. :) It's a constant effort. That movie sounds good... I'll have to look it up.

  3. Over from Sara's 365 - I love spring rolls, will have to check out the summer roll recipe! Looks yummy!
    Thanks for the movie review-previews looked good, but it's always so hard to tell!

  4. Your spring rolls look good! The rice paper must've been worth the hunt.
    Love the dice on Bella's shorts...too funny!
    Sondheim = good and challenging stuff.
    So glad you posted about the movie. We thought it sounded funny but never knew anyone who saw it!
    Have a super week and a great show!!!

  5. What a busy week! I am sure your show will be great! And spring rolls...yummy! I love Tina Faye...glad you enjoyed your date night and the movie!

  6. I am going to have to look into Words With Friends... I will look you up as soon as I get set up myself.

    My hubby and I almost went to see Date Night but we had a really long day and decided to just head home. We will go see it some night... glad to know it's a good one!

  7. Date Night is really getting some good reviews from friends! Will have to venture out to see it! :D

  8. love spring rolls....I may have to go look up that recipe!

    some of my coworkers play this!! honestly, I don't like scrabble.......I always lose!

  9. I love word games! But, alas, I have no i-Type equipment to play this one on.

    Your week seems really busy - can't wait to hear how the show goes!

  10. I keep hearing about this words with friends ... I REALLY need Verizon to start carrying an iPhone!

  11. I'm waffling on Words With Friends because I have a slightly addictive personality (Hello, $5 million account on Hoyle's Casino), but if I get, I'll add you to my WWF list.

  12. Nice dice, Bella! Loved it.

    Your the second blogger who has recommended that movie. We may have to go see it in theaters. Love Steve & Tina both.

    Will have to see if the library has the book and check it out. Looks interesting!

    Hope your week goes well!