Friday, April 23, 2010

25 Years Later and a Second Chance At Love

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West Des Moines Iowa. 

July 1985.

Jon Davis' birthday party.

Washington Heights Apartment Complex swimming pool.

That is where I laid my eyes on hunky football player Rich for the first time.  It was the summer before my junior year and the summer before his senior year.  We hit it off and were inseparable for that entire year culminating in his Senior Prom.  Life took him to Mason City for school and ultimately to the Navy.  I went on to University of Iowa for undergrad school and University of Arizona for grad school.

Flash Forward

Simi Vally California.

October 2007.

Ordinary Day.

An answered e-mail.

Our brothers ran into each other in Iowa and started comparing notes.  They found out that we both lived in California.  Both going through divorces and both needing a friend.  We were there for each other and leaned on each other through very trying times.  In June of 2008 after he retired from the Navy, he moved to Iowa to be near his children.  It was rough, as I was very used to having him around and knew that I was going to miss him.  He needed to be near his children.  I knew that.  He went home and for 8 weeks lived with his brother and looked for a job.  8 weeks later with no luck of finding anything but managerial positions at grocery stores, a company in Simi Valley got his resume and offered him a job.  Wow!! A place that he could acutally use his air traffic control background.  It was a tough decision to leave Iowa but he was running out of money and needed a job, and I was here waiting.  We took it slow and ended up falling in love. 

West Des Moines Iowa.

December 2009.

Home for Christmas.

Washington Heights Apartment Swimming Pool.

A proposal of marriage, and finally our Happy Beginning.

More Later

-A Ro