Monday, April 19, 2010

People are Odd...duh.

Rich and I headed out on Saturday night for dinner and a movie.  We went to our favorite BBQ restaurant Reds, of course, then off to see Date Night.  We got to the movie theater about 25 minutes early. 

BTW I am so glad that Rich feels the same way that I do about arriving at the movies EARLY.  Some people rush in just in the nick of time.  I need time to get a seat that doesn't require back surgery afterwards, get my $12.00 box of Junior Mints, and I actually do like the previews.

So we get there and there is a line at the box office.  A LINE?!?! Don't panic...I am sure there will be plenty of Junior Mints left.  I leave Rich in line and go off to take a picture of the poster that represents our movie choice so that I can use it for my Project 365. 

I am such a good blogger!!

As I walk to the poster I notice that there are two machines with signs that say "Buy Your Ticket.  So I wander up to the machine touch the screen and start to purchase my tickets, thinking all along...well there must be some sort of "catch" with using these machines because OBVIOUSLY the 40 people in line wouldn't be standing in that line if these IN PLAIN SIGHT machines were working. 

It worked!!  I got our tickets (with no extra charge), by-passed the line, got my Junior Mints, sat in the middle of the theater, and caught all the previews.


Now my question is...Why didn't the people in line use these machines?  Did they enjoy the line?  Were they too scardy cat of the technology?  Was standing in a line something they felt they HAD to do because it is the way that we ALWAYS buy tickets?


This wasn't my only run in with an unecessary line.  I was at my doctors office and there was a line to check in.  Right next to the line was another one of these machines.  It had a huge sign that said "Automated Check In".  I stood in the line and kept looking at the machine, finally I walked over, touched the screen, and checked myself in.   I sat in the waiting room, secretly hoping that I did it right, and was pleasantly surprised when I was called by the nurse even before some of the people got through the line.


It seems that we are just plain old creatures of habit.  We don't trust the thing that is different than what we are used to.  We are like my Grandma who got a microwave as a gift.  She wouldn't use it for the longest time and when she finally gave in she would put the food in, but my Grandpa had to come in and push the buttons and start it.  Now I am no technology guru and I am really not all that impatient, but I'll try anything in the name of efficency. 

Except backtracking...I have to draw the neurotic line somewhere.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I resisted the self checkout lanes at the grocery store for the longest time, but I have now embraced them.

    Sometimes, though, I'm just chatty and want to talk to someone who isn't asking me to cut up their food so I'll stand in line.

  2. I always book our tix online and pick up from the machine. And I need milk duds. My mother will not do anything online that requires a credit card. I do think we're creatures of habit.

    I am with you on the getting there early. I like to be all situated and comfy before the movie starts. Did you like it? We saw it a couple of weekends ago..we both thought it was funny.

  3. I like previews, too! And, wow! Your Dr. must be popular to need a check-in kiosk!

  4. Enjoyed your post. We are creatures of habit!
    until next time... nel

  5. I love the postage machine at the post office - it will weigh my package & print a stamp - cool! Oh I ALWAYS opt for the option that doesn't require me to talk to people. I'm MUCH more comfortable with machines LOL. Whenever my boss says, "Call so & so." I always email. Always.

  6. Missed you in the Random this week...your answers are always so funny : )