Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Behind the Scenes of a Baseball Tournament

It is just one thing after another in my world.  Week one of spring break was spent organinzing, tossing, and cleaning my house.  Week two consisted of baseball tournament in Santa Ynez and garage sale.  These next two weeks are filled with getting ready for our High School spring production.  I, PROMISE, I'll be back to big-time blogging after the next two weeks.  But today I wanted to put up some pictures of our trip to Santa Ynez.  I put up some of the more unique ones and didn't put up a hundred of Andrew playing baseball...

Enjoy...or not...

Cute little Danish town of Solveng.

Bella's little drawing of the big bear at a local restaurant.

Catching Andrew at breakfast with his friends/teammates.  He wasn't supposed to catch me taking this picture, however, I got caught but the dirty look that followed was not captured.

Isabella sitting behind the dugout in the shade reading her book...I'm telling you she is a trooper, and I couldn't have been happier with the time I spent with her.

Isabella trying to take a nap behind the dugout...her M&M blanket and a cell phone her only comforts.

Isabella's small person bowl-a-rama.  At first I thought it was a pile of rocks to be bowled, but then I saw the small door and realized that it is a bowling alley ala Flinstones.  She is such a creative gal.

Is this Iowa?? No it is Santa Ynez.  They had a pig pen at one of the schools we played at.  Isabella named them Georgia and Josephine.  They were friendly pigs and Bella made two fast friends.

So that was the un-baseball side of our trip in a nutshell. 

It was a great relaxing time.

On a side note I had a question about my favorite snack Pirates Booty.  So I thought I'd post a picture of the bag.

It is a puffed corn snack and it is really good and not so bad calorie wise.  I can get it in the "health food" isle at my local grocery store but I also can get it at Trader Joes.

So there you go...
More Later (hopefully)

- A Ro


  1. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Sadly no Trader Joes. Or Sonic. Or Chik fil a. I can however get rice paper.

  2. I love the pigs! I pass by a farm that has ENORMOUS extremely pink pigs - I'll have to stop to take a picture sometime.

    I'm glad Bella is able to entertain herself so well. I was that kid too - & I know it's easier on the parents!

  3. I envy people who can draw something other than stick figures.