Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hurts So Good

Disclaimer:  No I didn't read Eat, Love, Pray nor did I see the movie.  I did, however, take my first Yoga class last night.

I have decided that since I have been profoundly happy lately, and the whirlwind of school lunches, after school activities, early morning classes (which ultimately lead to even earlier morning runs), dirty dishes, homework, and the constant conversation with myself about what can I wear that doesn't need ironing are right around the corner, my chakras might need a little reinforcement.

However, I do have this little voice in my head that is a little hard to deal with sometimes.  She is constantly trying to sabotage my wanting to take care of myself.  You know the voice I am talking about...the one that tells me that two cookies would be WAY better than one, and tells me that it would be much nicer to sleep for an extra half hour than don those darn running shoes.  Well last night on my way home from work she has the audacity to try to convince me that it would be much nicer to plop on the couch and stare at the ceiling than to go to my Yoga class, especially since I've never been and doing something new and out of my comfort level really gives that "voice" something to say.

Thankfully, I have the Rich voice of reason to combat the party pooper voice, and he scooted my butt and my Yoga mat out the door.

Well, it seems like there are a lot of people who need a chakra overhaul, (or simply want to be Julia Roberts without the leave of absence, and frequent flier miles,) because it was a packed class.  The "oh don't worry you can hide in the back so people don't see your moon salute" concept was shot out the door. 

So I placed my yoga mat in the small space left and sat down.  The nice Yoga lady asked if there were any new comers and usually I wouldn't want to draw attention to myself, but I reasoned that if I do fall on my keister that I wanted people to know that I was not a pro but a Yoga know the sympathy vote.

I liked the beginning...the centering, the breathing, the sitar playing, but it quickly turned into stretching...pulling...planking.  I did all the "positions" just fine, but had trouble with keeping my breath centered.  I mean after the "up dog" "down dog" "warrior one" "warrior two" "deep planks" and a couple of "oh my goodness I don't think that my pelvis is supposed to be able to that" moves, I was having trouble breathing at all. But then came the end...back to the floor, eyes closed, and centered breathing...ahhh.

I liked it, I need it, I will be going back...because I think that now my chakra can kick that voice's butt.

In a nice centered way, of course.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I started yoga recently and I really like it a lot. I am still sometimes wobbly on the balance moves but I'm getting better. And my yoga instructors planks are so much nicer than Jillians!

  2. And sometimes it's better to listen to the voice... Yesterday mine said "You're tired, plop down on the couch with some junk food and a movie" and I said "Nope, not listening, I'm gonna through on a dance tape and get some exercise." Then I twisted my knee and was limping around for the rest of the night haha. It feels much better today though, feels weird but doesn't hurt.

  3. I remember the one time I tried yoga - I thought the downward dog would totally do me in. I probably should try it - I have more limited mobility with my arthritis & bum shoulder, but I could stand to stretch what there is!