Sunday, August 29, 2010

Project 365 Week 35

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It was a very busy but fulfilling week.  I was back at work in full swing getting ready for my students to come back.  The Middle and High School start next Tuesday and the little guys (including Bella) start on Thursday.  I am very excited to be going back and starting this year.

Here is my week:


Healthy Right?!?

I have been making a batch of whole wheat pancakes on Sunday and eating them during the week.  I use pure maple syrup and they are oh so good.


Pirate Ship Hat

On of my favorite guys hung out in my room on Monday with Bella and his sister.  Faculty kids get really good at entertaining themselves.  He wanted to make a pirate ship hat so that is exactly what we did.



Andrew agreed to volunteer to be a line ref for Bella's soccer region.  He had to take 6 hours of classes and 2 hours of field work, plus take a test.  Of course, he passed and will now have to don the high black knee socks, oh so fashionable black tennis shoes, short black shorts, and bright yellow jersey.  He is, needless to say, very excited.


My Happy Place on My Desk

I put up my new pictures today on my desk.  I love having everyone so near to me even if it is just pictures.  I have a couple more to bring, but this does make me happy.


Let the Games Begin

We had our back to school BBQ tonight.  It is so fun to see all the kids and they are so excited to see their friends and teachers.  It is a great way to begin the year.


Little Critters

I found some evidence of a critter in my room.  I can't tell you how happy I was to have our wonderful maintenance men hurry right over and cleaned everything up and set this trap.  I am very lucky to work at a school where everyone takes such good care of you.


She Found a Friend...As Usual

I know this is a horrible phone picture, but it was such a neat thing.  Bella went to the Skirball museum today with her dad and this is a Noah's Ark exhibit.  She loves museums and animals, so this is right up her alley.

It was, as usual, a great week.  I got a lot done and got to have some fun too.  I am lucky to be working at such a wonderful school, and have a job that makes me so happy!!

More Later

- A Ro


  1. such a busy time for teachers!!

    I love the hat! my kids enjoyed making all sorts of things with construction paper and tape...made for many hours of entertainment!!!

    so what kind of critter do you think it is? that cage looks a bit BIG!!!

  2. Yeah I'm with Sara - a little concerned about the size of the critter.

    Can't wait to see a picture of Andrew in his gear. You can sneak one in, can't you?

  3. P.S. My word verification for that last comment was angermi. I promise I'm not annoyed! Except about the fact that the dryer is still running at 7:30 on a Sunday night...

  4. You are in full busy prep mode! Do you have all of your music for the year picked or do you do a semester at a time?
    Your desk definitely looks like a happy place!
    Maybe you can get a picture of Andrew ref-ing. Is that a word?
    Have a super week!!

  5. Wow...I wish our school had a back to school BBQ like fun. we will be starting our 4th week of school already and I am ready for summer vaca again! lol Those pancakes look so very yummy. Hope you have a great school year.

  6. I think pancakes are one of my all time favorite meals.

    The DD fixed me some pancakes just this past Saturday.

    Great week!

  7. how's married life...great, I'm sure!
    wonderful week of family me some museums, too
    Continue making all that pretty music ;)

  8. I've not made whole wheat pancakes before. I wonder if the kids would eat them? Probably if I included chocolate chips....

  9. Even though we all complain about going back to work, there is an excitement to it, isn't there?