Monday, August 2, 2010

Project 365 Week 31

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Well once again I am posting this a day late.  I uploaded all the pictures yesterday, but then got busy packing and dealing with LA traffic when there is a fire.  I'm telling you a 20 minute trip to the mall took an hour and a half to get home...I know, it gave me a chance to work on my patience!!

Anyway, here is my week in pictures...enjoy.


My Kids Crack Me Up

This is our outing to Kohls.  My son sometimes just makes me laugh.  He decided he needed a cart to push around Kohls even though we were getting him ONE new pair of shoes.  Well he pushed that cart around the store and had a blast. As you can see from this picture, Bella wanted it, and in his usual fashion Andrew tried to avoid the camera. 


Stuff and Fluff

Today at camp we stuffed animals.  Each camper got to pick an animal and stuff it.  Each animal came with a backpack and a camp t-shirt.  Staff got to make one if there was extra.  I made this for Rich's daughter, but I would bet money that she doesn't want it judging by the way she is treating us now that she is home.  So very sad.  Bella made a frog that she named Senor Frog, and if you are Phineas and Ferb fans you will know that the word frog is not pronounced in the usual way. 


Flowers For Me

Within the group of my friends we have three birthdays in a row.  Wendy's birthday was today so we all three got treated to lunch and these beautiful flowers.  I love sunflowers.


Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my actual Birthday!!  My CIT's got together and made me this card.  The presented it to me at our camp opening.  It nearly brought tears to my eyes.  The kind words and love that comes from these teenagers overwhelms me sometimes.  It also remind me of Rich's daughter and how hard it is for her to admit to her mother that she feels the same way as her new friends.  It is so sad.


We had mini golf on campus today.  These are three of our counselors who dressed up for the occasion.  I love young people who love life and have fun in everything they do.  Their campers are very lucky to have them as counselors!!


End of Camp

Today was the last day of camp and this is the spirit flag that I gave out each day.  The camp groups won this flag if they were particularly spirited that day.  They each drew their mascot on the flag when they won it.  They had so much fun with it and I just love how the flag turned out.



We went to get fro yo tonight.  As we were walking home I snapped this picture of Bella, but the flash was so bright and I was pretty close this is the face I got.  It reminds me of all those celebs that get "caught" by the paparazzi.  She is so cute!!

Well there you have it.  It was a busy but very fun week.  Today I am getting on an airplane and leaving for Iowa and then headed to Missouri on Thursday to get married.  My brother-in-law teased me yesterday that I was getting cold feet.  I have never been more ready and more excited and more sure of anything in my life.  He is the man I was meant to be with and I have waited a long time for this happy beginning.  My feet are very warm!!

Have a great week and I hope to post soon.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. kind words and love...awesome

    the flag--great job!
    safe travel mercies coming your way--getting on an airplane
    I have waited a long time for this happy beginning...God hears the prayers :)

  2. Have a WONDERFUL wedding - Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it -

  3. great week at camp!
    Happy birthday late!!! glad it was special.

    love the idea of the flag!!

    praying for safe travel and a very sweet and blessed wedding day!!!

  4. camp looks like fun!

    beautiful flowers!!! happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday and Happy Wedding!

  6. What a fun week! I love the Kohls shot. Happy Birthday to you..and I love sunflowers too.
    Praying God's blessing over your wedding Amy! Can't wait to hear about and see pics. I know you'll be gorgeous!!

  7. Camp sounds like it was a lot of fun. Personally, I would have been very glad to have that to occupy my time so I wouldn’t stew about the wedding (I get impatient!). I hope you have a lovely, meaningful time & enjoy being with your family too. And I hope that S realizes that it’s ok to like you (however, at her age & living with her mom maybe it’s expecting more than she can be right now).

  8. It's nice y'all can have fun even when shoe shopping in Kohl's. That's good family dynamics right there!

    What a cute flag. The kids' drawings are really great.

    Happy Birthday and Best Wishes on your Wedding Day!!!

  9. Is today the day???? HAPPY WEDDING DAY TO YOU!!!!

  10. Wow that was a busy week. Happy birthday to you.