Sunday, November 14, 2010

Project 365 Week 46

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Another very busy week in our household, but it seems to be slowing down a little least for the time being!!

Here is a peek into that glorious busy week.  Head on over to Sara's and check out everyone else's glorious busy weeks.


Final day of Annie...PHEW!!  Here is me and our Rooster.  He is such a great kid.  The kid trying to get into our picture hardly ever smiles, so at least I caught this one on film.

Creations from My Bella

On my desk, amoung other things, are these two items; the highlighter dude, and my Bob clock.  Bella sits at my desk and creates.  She made my highlighter dude have a missing tooth, a black eye, and fire hair.  She gave Bob a top hat and a bow tie.  I am constantly finding things on my desk that she "alters".  She is such a funny, creative gal.


This is kind of cheating as I didn't actually take this picture, but my sister-in-law sent me this picture today and it made me smile.  I have a few more cute pics of my niece and nephew from Halloween for later in the week, but Elvis (the dog) all dressed up cracked me up.  Too cute!!

Also Cheating...a Little

I asked Rich to video tape my concert this evening.  (I promise I'll post some video of my groups)  Since he was video taping we didn't get any stills.  So I took a picture of the video screen.  This is my Upper School Chorus.  The concert was amazing and I was so proud of all my kids!!

Say Good-bye to Me Now

Tonight I picked up this book.  Now I love Dan Brown and I am afraid that I won't be able to put it down...well I am almost half way done and I've had it three you do the math.  It is a good book.

Chicken and Mushrooms in a Marsala Sauce

I had the day off today, so I had the opportunity to actually cook something without feeling rushed.  I made this yummy dish (one of Rich's favorites).  It is a Cooking Light recipe and it was so good.  I would like to say that I'll put the recipe up, but I always say that and never do.  Maybe this time...


A Good Conference

Rich and I went to an all day conference today.  Oh my gosh was it good.  A good gathering of a lot of helpful people, and a great keynote speaker who is an expert researcher.  She had all the stats (good and bad) and really gave us some great ideas on how to fight this.  We walked away with some really great information, and not a doubt in our minds that we are right.

In Summary:  The week started off getting to show off my students, and ended with a good meal and some hope.  I would say it was a great week.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. that does sound like a great week!!! love that your daughter changes things up on your desk!!!

    chicken marsala is one of our favs, so please do post the recipe!!!

  2. Mmm - that chicken looks really good! I'm glad your performances went well - And I love the color of the top you're wearing at the concert!

    I'm glad you got some hope at the seminar.

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