Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tell Me Why...(whatever day it is)

Well I am drowning in middle school musical tech week...but I'll resurface soon, (hopefully not face down)

In the mean time a few thoughts:

1.  Why does the flu have to hit during tech week?  #iguessmurphyreallydoeshavealaw

2.  Why does homecoming, Halloween, comment writing, and Annie tech week all have to be at the same time?  #blogwhatblog

3.  I love my middle schoolers so much but who do they wear me out?  #haveyouevertriedtoherdcats?

4.  Why is it 50 degrees in the morning but 95 degrees by noon?  #layeringisthenewblack

5.  Why am I so proud of my girl on Halloween?
#alwayssaidthankyou  AND #nevertrampledonlawns

6.  Why did I miss one of my favorite alums birthday on November 1st?? #lucyiamsorryihavegreatpicturetopostcan'tfindit...nextweek

7.  Why does writing 120 comments take so long and consume every free moment? #iamaverydetailedperson

8.  Why does putting on a middle school musical take so long and consume every free moment? #iamaverydetailedperson

9.  Why does this little witch make my heart hurt?

10.  Why do I adore my husband? #hepicksupalltheslack  #ithinkheactuallymissesme

11.  Why must this list be done?  #ineedtogofindmycatlasso

More Later (I promise)

- A Ro


  1. Good luck with your musical. If I tell you it's less than two months til Christmas does that stress you out or make your sigh with relief?

  2. It takes a very, very special person to not only work with middle schoolers, but to actually love it!

  3. I can tell that Rich is a good thing for you - I'm glad you guys found each other! Bella really is the cutest hippie. LOL at the cat lasso - good luck with that!

  4. You need to write a blog post on how to survive middle schoolers because I'm staring at middle school in the face and not feeling the love.