Friday, September 16, 2011

Back to School

I am telling you this week has seemed like a month.  I wake up too early, I get home completely bushed, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  However, this week has really gotten its money worth. 

Bella is adjusting nicely to Sixth Grade, and Sixth Grade Science has only kicked my butt once.  Don't worry, I am sure I will get PLENTY of chances to seek revenge as she has science homework most every night.  She is studying rocks and minerals and it is taking me back to my college geology class "rocks for jocks" as it was lovingly called.  Let me tell you it isn't a good memory.

Andrew is loving our new high school building and is doing quite well keeping up with all his homework especially his two AP classes.  Now granted he isn't the usual 5 AP taking kid, and I am more than happy that he isn't.

Sarah had her back to school night last night and it was so nice to be able to go visit her classes and teachers and hear about how wonderful she is.  I really like her public middle school.  The teachers are great and full of energy, the classes are small, and the amount of technology in the classroom is amazing.  Rich and I came away with a sigh of relief, she is adjusting nicely and doing some really good work.  She was bummed because one of the projects she did in English class had to do with me, but her teacher didn't give it out as all the students didn't get to finish it.  She is making friends and we got to meet a couple last night.

I am telling you she is just the greatest.  She is always happy and so willing to help out with fixing dinner, feeding Maggie, and cleaning up.  She is adjusting so well to the newness of it all, new school, new siblings, and new step mom.  She is has no trouble following all of our rules.  She doesn't give us any trouble about getting to bed by 9:30 and getting up at 7:00.  I am so happy and blessed that she is a permenant part of our household. 

Now I am well aware that I soon will have two teenage girls two years apart which might be a little...ahem...challenging.

But for now life it great.

So I leave you to your weekend with this:
Jo Jo and Abby say "Have a great weekend everyone!!!"

More Later

- A Ro

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  1. Glad your school year is off to a great start! Ours is here, too. Good teachers and not too much whining in the mornings.