Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Update

Well if last week felt like a month, this weekend felt like minute.  Phew it went by super fast, and here I am facing the second week of school.  This week is full of middle school musical auditions.  So far we have about 40 kids signed up and we take them all and find a spot for each and everyone of them.  This year we are doing You're a Good Man Charlie Brown.  So if you want to see what Snoopy's siblings and Woodstocks second cousins look like just come to our production.  Bella is auditioning tomorrow and I am not sure who is more nervous, oh wait yes I do...ME!!  She really has a very nice voice and an excellent ear.  She will do great, but I just hate seeing my kids in positions where they are uncomfortable, no matter how character building they are. 

In my "oh my goodness where did the weekend go" weekend I discovered a few things so I thought I'd share.

1.  I cannot make pot roast to save my life.  I am a very good cook, if I do say so myself, but pot roast has always eluded me.  I follow the recipe to a T and still it turns out dry.  I so badly want to make a good pot roast so I keep doing it hoping that "this time" it will turn out tasty and moist and melt in your mouth good.  Yeah I need some help.

2.  I cannot keep score, watch baseball, work my crossword AND take a picture of my son on the mound.  I wanted Bella to make an artist rendering of him pitching, but she was too busy writing a 4 page story about time travel, working on PEDMAS (parenthesis, exponents, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction, for those of you not hip to the terms of sixth grade math), and studying which rocks have fractal something or other.  I can't count on her for anything.  However, Andrew pitched a no hitter for 4 innings and made an amazing play at second base.  I just love baseball!!

3.  I can count on her and Sarah to make me laugh.  So Rich and I went to run an errand and came home to find Bella and Sarah playing Ninja hide and seek.
So if you are keeping score at of Andrew pitching a no hitter - 0 Sarah and Bella as ninjas - 1.  Yeah that about sums it up.  No wonder I quit doing the 365 picture meme.

4.  Having 4 kids in the house means a lot of fighting over the flicker and who gets to ride in the front seat, arguing about who drank who's soda, and who used whos towel, but it also means always having enough people to play UNO to make it intersting.  We had two fun nights of UNO playing this weekend and oddly enough the heads of the household came away victorious.

5.  Sarah is EXCELLENT about doing her weekend chores and even helping out with ones that aren't hers.  And Bella is not liking her toilet cleaning chore as she proclaimed that Andrew doesn't pee in the kids toilet, to which I replied, "yes he does, that is the bathroom he uses" to which she exclaimed "no he doesn't pee IN our toliet he pees ON our toilet." 

yeah, I know, too much information, but it was really funny.

6.  I enjoy weekends.  Now if I could just enjoy eating my pot roast all would be good.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I like to make a beef brisket (NOT corned beef-that's different). It is a wonderful cut and really tender and moist I think. If I can't find one in the market they'll usually cut one for me at the meat counter.

    I put mine in the crock pot, sprinkle one packet of dry onion soup mix on top and add a can of beef consomme or broth. Cook all day on low and it is fork tender and divine. You can also put it in a pot with a lid and cook covered on low heat in an oven for several hours. I cook the veggies separately but you could throw them in with the roast the last bit if you wanted. It is soooo yummy! The au jus is also good on mashed potatoes. Now I want roast for dinner.

  2. You know, you'd think that boys would have better aim since they're so competitive & all. Heh.

    I can't even imagine trying to make a pot roast. Well I can imagine it, but it has a nightmarish aura about it.

  3. Re: Pot Roast - In the crockpot with a can of cream of mushroom soup OR cook covered in a 250 degree oven all day while you're at work with a can of crushed tomatoes and sliced onions.

    It's the only way it won't be dry.