Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Working From Home"

We are doing construction on our campus this summer.  So we are, of course, trying frantically to get everything ready for Monday.  This is causing some parking issues as we still have a lot of construction workers on campus and some of the paths to various parking lots are not traversable (is that a word??)  So this morning was the elementary school's parent visitation so they asked the Middle and High School teachers to "work from home" this morning.  As I told you yesterday Andrew has morning AP classes so yeah do the math...Andrew had to be at school this morning, but I couldn't.  So by the time I wanted to be at work Andrew didn't want to be there.  Can you say extra miles on the old mom taxi??  It did work out "sorta" because when I went to pick him up I bribed him with lunch if he would help me put up my bulletin boards, and he did.  (They look SO good too) Yes, food does it everytime.  It also gave us a chance to talk and we had a great conversation.  I love my alone time with my boy.  So after lunch I went back home and "worked from home".

OK when I got the email that I couldn't come into work this morning I was all like "yeah...I TOTALLY can work from home"  I have all my syllibi, seating charts, lesson plans, and labels, so much compter work.  So I packed up my computer, loaded my bag with my warm up books, and planner and marched home ready to "work from home".  I even set it all up at the table. 

Well you can probably tell where this is going.  I did practically nothing.   It took me longer to get everything out and put everything away than the amount of work I did.  Granted I did play mom taxi and had lunch with my kid and helped Bella with her math packet and worked on my crossword, and read a few blogs. 


Well, it is all going to get done, but just not today.

We also had our back to school BBQ for the High Schoolers tonight.  So that was another trip to school with Andrew. It was well worth it.  I got lots of hugs from my students and they all had that excited look in their eyes, just like me. 

If I wasn't chomping at the bit to go back to school yesterday...I am today.

Tomorrow night is the Middle School BBQ...Lord help me!!

More Later

- A Ro


  1. School started on Tuesday here. They are closed today due to rain. Yes rain. We have had five straight days of pouring rain and there are many roads flooded. ugh.

    Have a great new school year!

  2. Today is my boy's 3rd day of school. Luckily they jumped right in and didn't mess with any half days or anything like that.


  3. I think the excitement of a new school year is one of my fondest memories. Hope it's a great year for you and Andrew!