Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Abby!!

Yes, the fall is a VERY busy month for birthdays in my family, so you'll have to forgive all of my VERY bad acrostic poems.

This one is celebrating my niece Abby's second birthday, so thankfully she is too young to really appreciate how bad of a poet I am...phew.

Here goes:
Abby is my niece and oh so very sweet
Being around her is such a special treat
 I can't believe she is already two
Gosh, it seems just yesterday she was brand new
 she's Amazing, smart, cute, and fun, I've always said
I get sad when I can't see her and get pictures instead
 Luckily, she is my very favorite little red head

I love and miss you Abby!!!

More Later

A Ro 


  1. Happy Birthday sweet Abby!
    (I have a special place in my heart
    for redheads!)