Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So Dead to Me

Mc Donalds you are dead to me.

Well, actually you were dead to me after I watched the movie Super Size Me and realized that your oh so yummy french fries would be the only thing the cockroaches would be eating after a nuclear war, that and the one pickle and three freeze dried onions on my hamburger.

Truthfully there are so many other reasons

but I digress.

My son still partakes of the mass produced hamburgers and did so after our baseball game on Sunday in a mad rush to get him to his orchestra practice.

Wow that sentance made it seem that I have a very well rounded son.

Again, I digress.

So I had about a 90 minute drive ahead of me so I decided that I would order a Diet Coke for the road and the more I thought about that fountain drink Diet Coke the more I wanted it.

Did you ever notice how much better a fountain drink soda tastes than out of a can or bottle?

I know, I know...just get on with it.

So we drive up Andrew orders his food which consists of two double cheeseburgers a medium fry and a medium Coke, and I ordered a medium Diet Coke. 

I wonder since it is a double cheeseburger if it has two pickles and three freeze dried onions??


Well the guy taking my order decided to try super size me into buying  the large combo for ONLY $.30 more cents, and when I politely declined he told me that for only $.30 more I would get 4 Monopoly game pieces. 

I suddenly wondered if this man was getting a commission on my super sizing and the $.30 and almost asked that question and really at that point I would have paid it to get on with it so I could get my hands on that Diet Coke a couple of seconds faster.

So we pull around and the nice lady hands me two medium drinks neither on punched "diet".  So I ask her which one is the diet and she said that the first one she handed me was the diet. 

I know that at this point you can probably guess where this story is headed.

We pull away and continue on our journey of a million miles and I take a sip of the coveted Diet Coke to realize that the one she told me was diet was in fact NOT.

Oh...I laughed...she must have meant the FIRST one she handed me becuase surely SHE would know that one of them was diet because she used that fancy schmancy machine to fill those cups.

However, I couldn't be more wrong.  The Diet Coke which was now crack to me was not Diet but REGULAR!!!!  Both flipping drinks were regular COKE.

Now my first reaction after the cussing was that she blatently lied to me but I really should have blamed myself for not checking before we left the drive through considering my accuracy rate with getting the right order at drive throughs is about .05%

Then I realized it was the cold hard fact that I shouldn't be putting that crap into my body slapping me in the face.  To that I say...well good, because I didn't.

So who has the last laugh now McDonalds???

Yeah...you do.

More Later

A- Ro

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  1. I have a friend who posted a picture on Facebook of an ordinary looking McDonalds hamburger. That had BEEN IN HER GLOVE COMPARTMENT FOR THREE MONTHS! It didn't even smell or anything. Ewww!