Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Blur

Oh my goodness, Monday already???  Where does the time go?  This weekend, however, many many minutes were enjoyed and appreciated, so it wasn't AS bad as usual.  Although getting my butt out of bed this morning was rough especially knowing Rich had the day off today...Columbus Day...don't even get me started on that one.

Friday was a very relaxing day.  Rich had the day off so I came home to a squeeky clean house and baseball on TV so Rich and I cuddled up and even though I love baseball I very quickly fell asleep and slept for about an hour.  Oh my goodness did that feel SO good.  Got up and managed to sleepily get a wonderful dinner on the table.  We had my kids this weekend so it was so nice to have everyone around the dinner table.  Make your own pizzas are always a hit with these kiddos.  More baseball (which included watching my Phillies, grocery lists, and happy girls because they both were home, rounded out our Friday night. 

Saturday was our usual pancake breakfast followed by bribing the girls to not go to the grocery stores with us so Rich and I could have some quality alone time.  We sat at Starbucks and stolled the aisles hand in hand.  Hey...we get that quality time when we can these days.

We grilled, had a fire pit, and roasted some marshmallows Saturday night and decided to try out a new church the next day.  We have been going to a few here and there to try to find the right one and we had another one on our list so we decided to give it a try Sunday morning. 

So Sunday morning Justin and Andrew (of course) didn't want to join us so Rich and I and the girls went.  It was a contemporary service complete with a band and singers.  Isabella ended up with a friend there so they went off to Sunday School.  She really loved it, and I did too.  It was a very nice way to start our Sunday.  Of course, Sunday continued with laundry, baking, and homework.

Really a very boring weekend...

...aren't those the best???

More Later

A Ro


  1. We have had too few boring weekends this year. I need a rest : )

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me.
    And pancakes thrown into the mix of it all is a great plus!

    BTW, I consistently have problems posting here with the "select profile" so I'm guessing others do to. Just thinkin' you may want to switch to simply approving the comments before they post and doint away with the other.

  3. We had a similarly boring weekend - heaven! But I didn't get any toasted marshmallows, so you win :)