Monday, October 3, 2011

The Weekend Blur

First I need to give you some I-haven't-been-a-very-good-blogger-and-you-need-some-info background information.  So Rich and I have decided to become basically vegan vegetarians.  We have done this for three reasons: 1. Rich watched the movie Forks Over Knives and 2. I was reading the book Food Rules by Michael Pollan which caused me to 3. remember when I was diagnosed with cancer many years ago I researched cancer fighting diets and ALL of them were vegan.  So long story short...I'd like to live to be at least 90 and cancer and heart disease runs rampant in my family so this is what I am going to try for now.  I am not going completely vegan as my philosophy is eating whole foods and to to eat mostly a plant based diet and add fish every now and then.

SOOOO Friday night Rich and I decided to cash in on one of my teacher gifts.  It was a gift card to a fancy schmancy...wait for it...steakhouse!!!  So I called ahead and told the nice, young, and I am sure very, er... pretty hostess my explanation of being a vegetarian and questions of items on their menu that I could eat, and she preceded to tell me that they had plenty of chicken dishes.  OK...maybe she thought I said that I was a veterinarian.

We had a lovely dinner at the bar complete with a very good glass of Merlot, ahi tuna burgers (our fish for the week) and mushroom ravioli.  We really enjoyed each others company and the atmosphere was really nice.  We then went and saw Moneyball.  What a great movie.  I really loved it.  I am smiling right now thinking about our evening, just really nice. 

Saturday was a day that really just went by in a blur.  A birthday party, a driving lesson, grocery shopping, and finally a nice relaxing fire in the fire pit.  When I finally sat down at the fire I couldn't believe that Saturday was over.  It was such a blur that I thought it was October 2nd and wished my niece a happy birthday but her birthday wasn't until Sunday because Saturday was October 1st.  She will catch on pretty quickly that her Aunt Amy is too busy and muddled for her own good.

Sunday was our chore, baking, laundry, and baseball day.  I made chocolate chip cookies for lunches, my homemade hummus, and a crock pot full of chili to have when we got home from baseball.  We did all the laundry and had so much fun with our family folding event.  We all stand around our bed and fold clothes together, it usually ends up in some sort of clothes fight and a lot of laughter.  Sarah and Bella did their chores and for some reason Sarah always ends up going above and beyond her chores.  She completely cleaned and organized their room, and vacuumed the entire upstairs.  Andrew pitched an amazing 3 innings with 8 strikeouts, and although it was kinda warm we had a lovely afternoon at the ballpark.

So now I look forward to the beginning of this next week and I am pretty sure it will also go by in a great big blur.

More Later

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  1. you go, girl! it's been so long since i've made my way around blogdom that you've become a vegan, vegetarian, and a veterinarian?! ;)

    i managed to eat that way for a year... then started eating too many carbs. *sigh*

    8 strike-outs?? that's awesome!

    our girls need sarah and bella to rub off on them. seriously.

  2. I kind of quit reading after I read about the tuna burgers because I was drooling too much. Ha! I'm glad you had a nice weekend - & good for you & Rich! If you don't mind, let me know how you guys are getting your protein & iron - I'm pretty close to wanting to go vegetarian, but I'm concerned about those two areas.

  3. I have Michael Pollan's Food Rules book also.
    I am not eating vegetarian yet but we certainly eat less meat since our daughter who is living with us is a vegetarian. Great shopping advice in that book.