Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Januray 21, 2009 10:31

Well I didn't get to write was a great day. I got up and ran my 3 miles and it sucked to get up so early, but it felt good to get it done and it always makes me feel good. Andrew had a fit yesterday morning, he didn't want to go to his Jazz Lab rehearsal. It frustrates me because I am the kind of mom who goes out of my way to say yes to him and he thows a fit because he doesn't want to do something. I think it is important if you start something you finish it. I need to try to understand better where he is coming from. The day went well, I really enjoyed listening and watching the inagural events. I think that we are on the right track. I hated Michelles inagural outfit, but LOVED her ball gown. LOVED Aretha Franklin, the John Williams piece, and watching Yo-Yo-Ma's face when he performs. I enjoy watching Obama speak and I am kinda obsessed with that whole family. Curious to know all about having young kids in the White House. I am very hopefull for this country. We had our first rehearsal of West Side Story, and I enjoy working with those kids. They are so excited and I just love the show. Kids were with John last night and Rich and I enjoyed our favorite restaurant and some great alone time. More later

-A Ro

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