Sunday, January 25, 2009

Super Bowl Bound

Well another great day...I had a wonderful run 3.5 miles. I never think I can do it, but then I do and it really starts my day right. It felt good, and my mood is so good when I do... I did grocery shopping and kept within budget...not an easy feat. I am currently roasting a chicken in the oven and it smells so good. It is a chicken I bought a couple of weeks ago real cheap. Usually I buy the chickens real cheap put them in the freezer and then throw them away months later when they are no longer good...not this time freezer burn!!! I am using some of the chicken tomorrow to make chicken enchiladas that I got off of Kelly's Korner's recipe blog...maybe I'll be good enough to share the steps with my blog. Still can't figure out how to promote this dull and dreary blog...maybe that is my problem?? Anyway....I decided that my Rich will be called from now on GS for Godsend. He really is and I like cute nicknames. He is expecting a call from ex-wife tonight to discuss kids. She has decided that she wants to have weekly phone calls to discuss the week with the kids, because he is her kids dad so she wants to co-parent. She also called me a fat ugly B***. She doesn't even know me...I love her kids though so I'll play nice.

Andrew had a football game today and they WON!!! He scored a touchdown!!! Here are some pictures. It was cold...I know, I know 60 degrees should not be considered cold when I am an Iowa chick, but it was gosh darn it. Bella and I were cold.
Bella with her DS...

Andrew after the game
Action Shot...

I am very thankful for a great day with my kids...They are the best. Tomorrow is another work week and week four of my training, but that means a day off of running.

Things I noticed today:
1. Parents of the other team are usually sour pusses...especially when they I like that??
2. People do really live to be 96. My friend Vicki's aunt is 96 today.
3. I quickly forget what cold really is...
4. I really like my blogs, writing and reading.
5. My son really does love me when I am on the phone with him and I tell him I love him and he says "I love you more..."

Things I am thankful for:
1. The sun on a cold day.
2. A good run.
3. Patient Bella
4. Sticking within budget.
5. My Mom!!!


- A Ro

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