Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Am Glad I Am Not an Air Traffic Controller/Road Rage

I am sitting here in an air traffic control tower watching GS work. It is an anniversary of ours, of sorts, and I brought him dinner. Crazy isn't a very busy tower, but oh so much to remember, and oh so many buttons and phones and blips...just not for me. I'll stick to hormonal teenagers, thank you very much.

Today was a busy day. Crazy ex-wives to deal with, crazy ex-husbands to deal with, orchestra concerts, play dates, and an anniversary, of sorts.

Things I noticed today:
1. Best laid plans can go down the tubes very quick as picking up the phone and saying hello.

2. I love a really good bowl of oatmeal...and it is healthy for you too...go figure I like something that is healthy.

3. Sometimes the right thing to do is a very hard thing to choose...and things are not just black and white...gray is a shade that comes into view too often.

4. Being a mom sometimes means driving all over gods green earth.

5. My son can really play the cello...I mean he is really good.

6. $900 cellos break too easily.

7. They need to make nose tampons...yes I am still sick.

8. I am so excited to watch CHUCK on MONDAY...I LOVE CHUCK!!! I need to pick me up some 3D glasses.

9. I absolutely love talking to my sister...and, unfortunately, we don't get to do it very often, but when we do the giggles ensue.

10. I think I am afflicted with road rage. I am an Iowa girl and lived in Arkansas and then WHAM I am plucked out of that Midwest existence and planted firmly in Los Angeles, CA having to deal with the 101, the 405, the 134, the 110...and all the other three digit concrete paths to hell. I just hate to drive...hate it. I am a very calm, level headed, kind, good natured person, except when placed behind a wheel and forced to deal with idiots. I just have no patience for other drivers. I realize this is a problem and am going to try to deal with it. Maybe some Yanni or John Tesh Cd's. Or a book on tape perhaps the Bible...that might be my only hope. At least I know it is a problem and that is half the battle they say...maybe this is also the reason I could never be an air traffic least I know my limits.

Things I am Thankful For:
1. The send button
2. Cello playing teenagers.
3. Fun loving younger sisters.
4. Beautiful little girls.
5. Eating Subway sandwiches in the control tower with GS.

More later

- A Ro


  1. just logged on from PW and you have a good blog! i like how you do lists like this one. reading about how you love your job as a music teacher was inspiring; i'm a teacher and am a few years from having kids of my own. so i'm weighing reasons to keep teaching vs reasons to quit. i like how you can 'do it all' and are happy doing it.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I can't wait to check out your blog. I am new to this and really like it...I hope you come back and visit again!!