Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mornings Just Suck When You Are in a Hurry

Today started out great I ran my 3.5 miles even though I feel a head cold coming on...but when I got home it just went down hill...Remember last post when I said that I needed to work on the fact that I get totally frazzled when I am minutes off schedule. I just do, I can't help it, so today when we were running late...totally not my fault this morning...ahem...13 year old son, I lost it and we got into a HUGE fight...now to his benefit he was feeling crappy and not moving all that well...as he injured his calf muscle. (Must have been that awesome catch in the end zone for a touchdown at Sunday's game.) So my frazzledness added to his teenage agnst caused a not so pleasant morning, but I love the guy and he loves me so we don't stay mad very long...

Things I noticed about today:
1. Mornings just all around suck when you are in a hurry.

2. The treadmill that I run on at the gym...my favorite one, (I know it is a treadmill, but for some reason it is my favorite one) is not right in front of a TV...so I usually don't watch because to look right or left causes me to run that way and almost fall off the treadmill...anyway...since I can't watch TV this causes me to do a lot of thinking and remembering things that I need to do, but alas no way to write down the thoughts that come into my head. ie - Call my friend Vicki about the bowling party which I forgot to do until just now... I am SUCH the post it, to do list, kind of girl. If I don't write it down more than likely I won't remember it. I keep telling my students if you want me to remember it...write it down and stick it to my desk...They are very good at doing it, maybe I need one to stand next to me on the treadmill so I don't miss a thought.

3. High School-like drama is not only for high schoolers...sadly.

4. My friend Kim gave me this "Mon-key" and it made me very happy...it is cold outside in the morning here...(I know I know I need to re-evaluate my definition of cold)...but it is to me..OK?!? Anyway I have a few keys on my school lanyard and only one opens my door to my classroom, so now that I have a "Mon-key" I know which one it is...see below:Isn't that just the cutest thing...I need to find out where to get some more!!!

So no more cursing as I freeze...(I know I need to re-evaluate my definition of freeze) trying to figure out which key opens the door to the warm refuge of my classroom. Yes I do live in California...not Antartica.

5. It is much more rewarding to teach someone who doesn't think that they know it all already.

6. I can enjoy Tuesday night without kids without going out to eat...I can fix leftover chili and a salad and eat with GS without needing to go to REDS my favorite BBQ joint...hmmm maybe REDS would have been nice tonight...

7. I know they say that snot is necessary, but why do we need so dang much of it. I hate feeling sick...it just messes up everything.

Things I am grateful for today: 1. Mandy lunch buddy and a great work distraction 2. Sue - tireless accompanist who I couldn't live without 3. Lisa - great class-roommate 4. Kim - "mon-key" giver 5. Andrew - teenage angst giver whom I also could not live without.

That is all for now...more later.

- A Ro

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