Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday January 17th 2009

A good day!!! I got up and wanted to run my 3.5 miles outside, but it was sooo windy here. So I trudged to the gym and got it done. I am proud of myself. 2 weeks down 14 to go...YIKES. I was kind of sore from my stregnth training yesterday, but it is a good kind of sore. I got lots of stuff done, with many breaks to do my favorite pasttime...the LA times Sunday Crossoword. I picked up the kids at 2:30 and took Andrew to his flag football game, and then rushed him to CSUN for his orchestra rehearsal. Took attitude from DExH, but was calm and handled it well. He doesn't want Andrew to play flag football...but I think it will be OK. It is a very relaxed league and good for him. He gets to play with his friend Brandon. I was proud of myself. Good eating day and I ended week two...tomorrow weigh in and we shall see. Very tired and the bed will be a welcome place.

Gratitude: 1. For a good run 2. For a patient Isabella 3. Talented athletic boy 4. A great partner in this life 5. Rich getting to talk with both kids.

More tomorrow....


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