Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday January 22, 2009

Well it seems that I have a problem blogging at night...probably because I am a single mom with two kids, homework, dinner, dog, and all of my own stuff...Plus I am trying to stick to this running schedule which has me getting up at 4:00 am three days a week. I guess that isn't too bad. fill in the other events. Andrew had a basketball game on Tuesday night, which I forgot to write about. He is my little guy...not very tall and just a guy waiting for puberty...anyway he scored two baskets that tied the game. He played for about 5 minutes total and score more points than some guys who played a lot longer. He is on the top basketball team in Middle School and I was worried he wouldn't be able to hold his was I wrong. Today Isabella performed in an assembly at her school. The third grade french class sang the french version of the Hokey was soooo darn cute. My little Bella up there dancing and having a blast. I have more West Side Story rehearsals today and then Bella and I get to go to the mall and have dinner with Rich while we wait for Andrew to get back from another basketball game. I am looking forward to that. Last night I got some nasty texts from Rich's ex wife. She used her sons phone and then had the audacity to deny doing anything. I felt bad for Justin he just gets put in the middle so much. She called me discusting...fat...ugly. It really upset me, I know it shouldn't but it did. It really set a bad tone for last night. I really want to find some other blogs to read and start networking. Just curious.

More later

- A Ro

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