Friday, January 30, 2009

Light Bulb Moment

I love being a teacher...but even more I love being a music teacher...but even more I love being a chorus teacher. My students use their bodies to make of the earliest forms of music...they become one with music. Every once in awhile we leave the note learning and really step into the meaning and the power of music...and every once in a great while my students have a light bulb moment...and that makes my year. Most of these kind of moments are completely unexpected and really unplanned. I'd like to think that it happens when I am totally prepared with a great lesson, but in reality it usually happens when I am just winging it. Today was one of those moments with my Sixth Grade Chorus and especially one little girl. This little girl moved here this year from Japan...I am not sure how long she lived there, but so many typical "American" things just fascinate her. She speaks English without an accent so I am not sure about all of her past. We are singing an African American Spiritual and we finished all the things I wanted to accomplish with about five minutes to go...I know on a Friday even!!! So instead of moving on to the next thing on the agenda I decided to throw out the question: "What is an African American Spiritual" The details of the next five minutes of discussion are not as important as the outcome. My students and especially this little girl started to realize things about a part of our culture that they didn't realize and that music and especially singing moved so many people to a better life and sometimes many many people. She had never realized this and the expression on her face was priceless...I am so lucky to be able to be involved in that kind of moment for very lucky.

Things I Noticed Today:
1. I miss my kids when they go to their dads.

2. I love it when GS has the day off and London Broil is on the menu.

3. Even sick...I can have a good day at work...maybe that is the key??

4. Having a Friday lunch date is oh so much fun...and a beautiful day to sit outside and not be cold...

5. Singing harmony is not for everyone...and it is hard to convince 8th graders that I know best.

6. Singing in Portuguese is not for everyone and it is hard to convince High Schoolers that I know best.

Things I am grateful for:
1. Sixth Graders from Japan.

2. Sleeping in...5:30 instead of 4:00.

3. Advil

4. Sunny California Days!!!

5. Lucas...8th grader who I don't teach any longer going out of his way to say hello to me.

More later

-A Ro


  1. Oh,how I wish I could sing! Not my talent. I wanted to let you know that you made my day when you posted a comment on my blog. I've finally pushed through my friends and family circle! However, I am a bit jealous about the fantastic CA weather... enjoy the sun for me.

  2. I am so new to this blogging and I love it!!! I love looking at blogs and yours caught my eye. I look forward to checking it out again!!!