Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sick Sick Sick

Ok...I tried not to admit it...I tried to fight it, but I can no longer do it. I am there...I said it now could it just go away. I hate being sick, I do go on with life, but it just makes me so upset to be this way. Now I am not a baby, I don't complain and lay around in bed, no I get up and put one foot forward and go through my day, but I am silently miserable. In fact I didn't even get up and go for my run today. I a had strep throat a couple of weeks ago and ran, but this head cold crap made me unable to breathe, itchy eyes, and a constantly dripping nose...I know too much information. I need to be better...I need to exercise, I feel like everything I have worked for must not be blown because of my runny nose...get it blown...runny nose...Oh for heavens sake I am trying to cheer myself up. I have to be ok with taking a couple of days off for sickness and not have it ruin everything I have done. I will be sick and stay focused.

Things I noticed today:
1. I was completely on schedule this morning...oh wait I didn't have kids this morning...hmmm

2. I felt really rested when I got up this morning...oh wait, I went to bed at 8:30...

3. I need to get a phone tree for my vocal jazz students...I wanted to call in sick today, but I knew that 26 high schoolers would be standing out in the cold waiting for me...I know I know I need to rethink that word...cold.

4. I need to thank my vocal jazz students for forcing me to get out of bed this morning and not wallow in my sickness.

5. I need to figure out a way to keep chapstick close at hand...maybe a lanyard around my neck, naw that would be un-fashionable and even in the depths of sickness I am still a diva.

6. I really miss my kids when they are at their dads...funny I can't wait for them to go and then I can't wait for them to come back.

7. Katharine and Kaley cannot sit by each other any you hear that!!!

8. I don't miss the snow and ice storms plaguing all of my friends and family in the midwest.

9. Dinner tastes so much better when it is on the table ready for you when you get home...thanks GS...

10. My son who one second says he hates history because he will never need to know that information and in two seconds flat comes downstairs and relays this story he read about in his history book that totally caught his eye and excited him...only a teenager.

Things I am thankful for: 1. GS for giving me a so badly needed back rub!!! 2. GS for having dinner ready and waiting for this sick starving gal. 3. Roger for just being a great colleague. 4. Laurie and Mandy for waving to me when I was leaving like they were really going to miss me. 5. Little Makayla who just loves to sing and is really good at it. AND one last big one...Little Harper is in her mothers arms...YEA thank god.

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