Friday, February 6, 2009

Being Late - Yesterday

I know that I have posted before about my craziness with being late. I hate to be late. I hate to be behind schedule, unless of course it doesn't really matter, I mean I can be flexible, but if others are depending on me to be on time I need to be on time. Anyway my kids are not in town. They went out of town with their dad so they were not home this morning so I didn't have to get them ready. As I posted yesterday I forced myself to go run this morning...which I did...4 miles...thank you very much!!! I didn't have my zero block class today so I didn't have to be to work until 7:30. However my plan was to leave my house around 6:40 so I could avoid I don't drive the three digit concrete paths to hell on my way to work, but there are two high schools on the way and they can get to be busy. I was actually running a bit off schedule today got to the gym at 4:35 instead of my planned 4:30, but I knew I didn't have kids to get ready so I was not too stressed. Well as it turned out I was sitting ready to head out the door at entire half hour early. Now my kids are 8 and 13 so they don't need much "help" getting this "extra" half hour was unexplainable...except that my kids need to GET THEIR BUTT IN GEAR in the morning. I am just gonna have to tell them that...that is all their is too it.

Things I noticed:
1. I didn't get this blog done it is really today.

2. I really miss my kids.

3. I really love my job even the days that I have four classes in a row with a 10 minute break to use the bathroom...sometimes I actually use that 10 minutes to use the bathroom, most times I find something else to fill that time.

4. I love eating lunch out. I like leaving school and just recharging, and as crazy as it sounds I like the people I work with.

5. I really like watching men work with men singers. It is hard for me as a woman to really show the guys in my choir how it is done. I like watching men singers work with men singers.

Choral festival at my school...guys sectional

6. Even though it is hard work I like having this choral festival at my work...more on that later.

A few of my students

Things I am Thankful for.
1. My job

2. My colleagues

3. My students

4. Getting my butt out of bed and running

5. Fine singers

More later

- A Ro

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