Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friendly Hellos or Crazy Obsession

Now I am trying to decide if I am crazy or just more friendly than most. I really like to say hello to people and consider myself friendly. I realize that I was born and raised in Iowa so that might have something to do with it because in Iowa everyone is friendly. Maybe too much sometimes as my dad could not go out without having half a dozen conversations with people he might or might not know. The neighbor, the postman, the gym coach, the Home Depot worker, the cart collector at the grocery store, the solicitor people you try to ignore...

my dad didn't know the word stranger...and I guess I got that gene.

Well the issue I have at the moment is when I pass someone in the hall way, if I know them, I smile and say the very least I make eye contact and smile...and most of the time the prerequisite of knowing them is not even valid...I just say hello to anyone who will make eye contact with me. I guess I might be alone in that way of being except I have this former student who is now 13 who goes out of his way to say hello to me...that just makes my day!!!...For instance today I was walking in the hallway at school (our hallways are outside...) and a fellow faculty member was walking the opposite way, now I know her, I have taught her children, we have many conversations often...I wouldn't say that we are friends, but very good acquaintances. Now we were alone in the hallway and she was looking straight ahead...she didn't make eye contact...I was looking at her the entire time waiting for the eye contact so that I could smile and say hello.

Now what I don't understand is who wouldn't want a friendly smile and a friendly hello...I mean really in this day and age of numerous stressors who wouldn't want a moment of...friendly. Now this moment of friendly takes absolutely no effort...all you have to do is glance my way and I will do all the work. I love saying hello to my students and ask them how they are makes them realize that I care...which I really do...I really try to live by my father's words "Make sure that everyone you come in contact with leaves that encounter happier than when they came."

Try me sometime...

Things I Noticed Today:
1. I get so much more done when I am in front of my choir instead of behind the piano.

2. There are certain people who just lie...not sure if it is a habit or malicious...but nonetheless it is annoying and just not right.

3. "Sleeping in" (getting up at 5:00 instead of 4:00) is not all its cracked up to be...I am still tired.

4. When my student sang "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing" at today's Black History Month assembly I was the only one with tears in my does really move me...or I am just a sap...could be both.

5. I am really going to miss my seniors.

6. It feels good to fight for what you want.

7. It feels good to win a hard fought basketball game...well at least I think it does...I didn't actually play...thank goodness.

8. Boys change a lot between 3rd grade and 8th grade.

9. Homework with my third grader sometimes is a pain in the butt...geez

10. I really like that a bad thing?

Things I am Grateful For:
1. An ex-husband who doesn't mind running kids here and there even when it isn't "his" day.

2. GS who cleaned up the dishes and took out the garbage...woah

3. The 8th grade varsity basketball team who gave me quite a show this afternoon.

4. My dad for instilling all kinds of great things in me.

5. For the ability to see my strengths and weaknesses.

More later

-A Ro

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