Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Looky - Loos and Just Plain Rude People.

Today was another adventure in driving on those three digit paths to hell. I had to go to Andrew's basketball game. Now I use the words "had to" lightly...I didn't "have to", but the other option was to sit at my school until 6:30 ish waiting for the bus to come back because his game was the first and there was another team playing I didn't have rehearsal so I decided to grab Bella and go. Now I knew that I was going to have to get on the 101 at around 3:30...but I thought to myself...self...1) it is earlier than before maybe it won't be so crowded...and 2) I can do this. If I can get up and run 4.5 miles this morning at 4:00 am...I can certainly sit in my temperature controlled car, with my radio on, in the company of my sweet daughter, sipping my Starbucks iced venti passion tea with sugar free vanilla...C'MON AMY be rational. Well being rational up until it actually happens is one thing but...

Well to my defense it all started bad...I must say before I even got on the 101. I was pulling into the Von's parking lot to get the post-game snack. I knew it would be rushing it to try to get it after school before the game, but I went to leave in the middle of the day to run this errand and realized that I would be leaving in the middle of a fire drill...a big no-no. So it was going to have to wait...So I pull in get my snack (and my Starbucks iced venti passion tea with sugar free vanilla) and as I was leaving the busy parking lot right next to the 101 some lady in a fancy lexus was making a left hand turn where it was a right hand turn only sign...and no she didn't just not see the sign it was HUGE. So what does she think, that the big sign does not apply to people who drive gas guzzling cars that cost more than Oprah's shoe collection??? I don't get is just rude to leave a huge line of people behind you wanting to turn right just so you don't have to drive a little more in the parking lot to an exit that actually has a stop light...GEEZZZ. So admittedly I was off to a rough start. Even GS talking in my ear telling me nice calming things didn't work...Got on the 101 and of course instant parking lot. I was doing all right...sipping on my iced tea...listening to the radio...until I realized a bit further along that the reason I was in stand still traffic was because there was an accident ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE you hear me NOT EVEN ON MY SIDE...IT WAS GOING IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Which means that the people on my side were SLOWING down to look at the accident - a Looky - Loo as they say. Now the accident was really only a fender do I know that you ask without being a Looky Loo myself...because by the time I got to the accident I WAS GOING 10 MILES AN HOUR. So how does this phenomenon work...does it take one person know the first cause this in the heck does this happen??? Civil Engineers please fill me in because it is bad enough being stuck in traffic but to know that there was NO GOOD REASON FOR IT!!! Makes me crazy...crazy I tell you.

Things I Noticed Today:
1. Boy does some information travel fast...whoosh.

2. Portuguese is very hard to sing in.

3. There is a difference between Vocal Jazz and Jazz Choir.

4. I dislike passive aggressive people...just let me have it already.

5. I love double blocks of High School Chorus.

6. Alex and Aaron need to leave Alynne (girl) alone...those A names...ha that includes me too!!

7. It takes more than 2:00 minutes to come back from a 20 point deficit.

8. But my son's team played like they thought they could.

9. I like it when our musical accompanist is out of town...I get to go see my son's basketball games.

10. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Things I am Grateful For:
1. Starbucks iced venti passion tea with sugar free vanilla.
2. Pork chops on the grill waiting for me when I get home. (Thanks GS)
3. Not having to run off
4. Patient girl
5. Basketball boy.

More later

- A Ro

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