Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chuck Something We Can Agree About

My kids and I LOVE Chuck...not really sure why we all like it, but we do. We plan our Monday nights looking forward to this event. It was on hiatus for about 6 weeks, but last night it was back and we were glued to our TV...this is partly why I didn't not post last night. However, it is on a rare occasion that we ALL like anything. You would think that going out to dinner would be a single mothers dream...no cooking, no cleaning, yada yada yada...but I dread going out to dinner. We can't ever find a restaurant that we all like. My son Andrew being the teenage son loves McDonalds, Burger King, you know the usual fast food that I despise and gosh darn it if I am going to pay I better be satisfied. My daughter likes pasta and rice, now that seems all so easy, but it really isn't. My son and daughter both like Chinese, but for me Chinese is so fattening, now they really do choose good for you things but even that for me is not worth the calories, so Chinese is out. My daughter and I love Italian she gets her pasta and I usually get a great salad, but my son doesn't really like Italian, he might eat pizza every now and then and sometimes he likes ravioli, but it isn't consistent enough to say that we all like Italian. Andrew and I like Mexican food, but not Bella...SOMETIMES she likes re fried beans...I know the oddest thing to like...not quesidillas...not chicken tacos...no she likes re fried beans...crazy I know. Now for awhile we all liked Quiznos....and I finally thought we have found our answer to our out to eat problem, but now all of the sudden Bella doesn't like it anymore. But I do have to say at the moment we have one restaurant that we can all agree...California Pizza Kitchen. Andrew loves their sicilian pizza, Bella loves their pasta, and I love their BBQ chicken salad...finally a place we all love...for now.

Things I Noticed Today (Yesterday):
1. I really dislike people who lie...I know that sounds oh so simple and everyone could say that, but so many people do it for whatever reason. Now I am not talking about the little white lie, ya know the "Does this make my butt look big" (but even the simple white lie can get you in trouble).

2. There were NO 3D Chuck glasses anywhere...so bummed.

3. Aunt Flo can come and knock on the door, but then I wish she would just go away. Not that I am welcoming menopause or pregnancy, but I just dislike that visitor.

4. Full faculty meetings can be very informative and scary at the same time.

5. Headaches really take over everything...gotta love Advil.

6. I really have the need for justice...I am so "that is not fair" oriented. Not sure if it is something that I need to change or get used to, but it does cause me a bunch of trouble on a daily basis.

Things I am Grateful For:
1. Advil
2. My warm bed.
3. My kids recognizing the I didn't feel well and getting themselves into bed.
4. Good for you chili cheese fries...I know what you are thinking but they were!!!
5. GS

More Later

- A Ro

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