Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Both" is now a bad word in our household

It was a busy day in our household. It started out with a baseball scrimmage at 8:00 am...that is way too early to cheer baseball players...Thank goodness for bagels and Starbucks.

Isabella with her favorite breakfast food...toasted onion bagel with a ton of cream cheese... (would you like some bagel with your cream cheese)

Doesn't he just look like a baseball player...the kid playing first base played with Andrew in "A" ball in 3rd they are both teenagers...boy that slapped me back into reality.

Then we got to do my favorite thing ever...take my kid to a "bee". Had to go watch my son compete in our school's Geography Bee...thankfully he won...but geez I thought I was gonna die...I hated each question and sweat like I was the one up there...thankfully I wasn't. So my daughter decided last week that she wanted to do the local spelling bee. I tried everything I could think of to talk her out of it...mostly so I wouldn't have to deal with it all...she was so excited and she had such a great attitude about it. I just knew, however, that she would probably be disappointed and I would have to feel her heartache as if it were my own, but I signed the sheet and hoped for the best. Well today was the day.

At least one of her good friends was there to keep her company while we waited and moral support...oh wait I needed the moral support...where was my good friend???
The time came for her to go in...if they missed one word they were you know how many words I have misspelled just while typing this one word and she goes home. Well needless to say I didn't settle down into a comfy spot and pull out my book...then i thought I was jinxing her by waiting by the door so Andrew and I went and sat by the fountain and I did pull out my crossword puzzle (tomorrow is Sunday and the new one comes out and I haven't finished last is hard...what kind of clue is "mo"...but I digress). Soon after I sat down her friend's mom came up to me and said that Isabella was about ready to come out. So as she gets sent out the entire crowd starts to cheer...which was a little overwhelming...

She was a trooper though...with her certificate...

Andrew had a big hug for her.

As we are walking to the parking lot we asked her what word she missed. The word was "both". She started out with B-O...but then couldn't decided if there was a U or just T-H. She went with the U...and missed the word. But we promised her ice cream so off to baskin robins.

As you can see she lost some of her "little trooper"attitude. On the way to ice cream she asked me if she could cry...I said of course...and the tears came, and my heart proceeded to break. We need to watch "Akeelah and the Bee" to get our spirits back up.
She informed me that now we are no longer allowed to use the word "both" in our house. I'll try my best.
Things I Noticed Today:
1. I feel crappy when I don't get my run.
2. I just adore my children...even though that means my heart gets wrenched every now and then.
3. Doing my taxes as a single woman isn't so bad. One W-2 is ok with me.
4. I own stock in a company I had no idea I owned stock in...crazy...
5. I had a great Saturday...I could use another.
Things I am Thankful For:
1. Hot tea on a cool morning.
2. Fun baseball...and winning isn't so bad either.
3. Two healthy smart kids.
4. Old facebook
5. GS...
More later
-A Ro

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