Monday, February 23, 2009

Last Minute Project/Sportsmanship

Two part er Isabella story and an Andrew story and I need reader comment so all 3 of you get ready to comment...

Part I:
First of all I am sure that I am not the only parent who hears "Oh my gosh I forgot to do this project" as the first thing that comes out of their child's mouth first thing in the morning...ok maybe first thing in the morning is unusual but I am not this is the first time I have heard it and I heard it from my daughter's mouth...the girl who doesn't forget ANYTHING...

Anyway she needed to make a fish puppet...and she remembered 20 minutes before we had to walk out the door...Isabella cut scales out of an old Mylar balloon.

I promise I will stop cursing her for wanting to save everything...

I put glue on the paper bag....this is what it turned out to look like:

This is me trying to take the picture at a red light and Isabella yelling at me that the light turned funny.

So the first question is: Do you think I should have helped her this morning or let her not turn in the assignment? It is so hard to not want to save your daughter, but is it the right thing to do?

Part II:

Andrew had his basketball I know what you are, football, basketball...I know I am quite sick of it all too, but what is a mother of an athletic kid to do. Anyway it was a quarter final game...The team had two things stacked up against them 1) their star player broke his hand this weekend and 2) the team they were playing had a kid that was 6'7" I know that you are saying "Amy...c'mon you can't really believe there is a 6'7" eighth grader". I know this because when Andrew told me I said "Andrew...c'mon you can't really believe that there is a 6'7" eighth grader"

They have a 6'7" eighth grader...

Now as you can see by the huddle of our team that my son (#50) is one of the shortest kid on the team...
Here is Andrew standing next to their 6'7" player...geez he's tall...someone check his driver license.
And these are the fans of the other team. And here is my dilemma...These fans were the most ugly, rude, obnoxious fans I have seen. Now I didn't point out yet that the final score of the game was 37 - 11...yes we scored only 11 points...and my son was mostly a bench player, but he has a good heart and works hard and plays smart. Those fans the ones in that picture...(and if you recognize yourself...shame on you) when my son came on to the court yelled "Hey #50 is in...he can't dribble so stay on him"...The heat in my face slowly rose and my ears started burning and I am pretty sure smoke was coming out of my ears...I couldn't believe that someone would say something so hurtful...

So my second question is: How does this happen? Now I know that it isn't excusable, and I am pretty sure that those people are probably nice on the inside...but how do sporting events turn fans into those kind of horrible creatures??? I mean you hear about it all the time...I just want to know Why?

and I'd take some winning lottery numbers while you're at it...

Things I'm Grateful For:
1. My son's basketball team for not ever giving up.
2. Old Mylar balloons...and knowing where the glue stick was.
3. Isabella once again being gracious and running around to another of Andrew's things.
4. Dinner out
5. Our fans

More later

- A Ro


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  2. Ok...the first time it wouldn't let me but the second time it let me...again I agree with everything posted...