Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Funk

I think that I have been in a real funk for the past couple of weeks. First I had that nasty head cold...that should be the new biological weapon of the future...just knock um out with me they won't want to do anything but lie in bed. Then this week was my favorite week of the month...nuff said. However after watching Oprah's show on menopause last week (while I was only wanting to lie in bed) I decided that I shouldn't complain about that favorite is WAY better than what those women were going through...and couple it will all the confusion about hormone replacement and the horrible cancer risks...please I never want to go through that. However, I know it is as avoidable as death and taxes, but I should warn all of the people that I love, work with, know casually, drive on the roads with, pass on the street, buy Starbucks from, etc that it will be a doozie. I fear that I will end up living alone in my bathrobe or bathing suit depending on the hot flashes...just watch out. I know that I am almost 40, but I hope they figure out what to do with me by then...Geez they can put a man on the moon, clone a lamb, impregnate a woman with 8 babies (when she already has 6), make my eggs not stick to a pan, but they cannot figure out menopause give me a break...ANYWAY I am coming out of my funk whether I like it or not...starting with a 4 mile run you hear that A-RO a 4 mile run tomorrow...Ok there I'm better.

Things I've Noticed:
1. I need to remember my post about driving on the three digit concrete paths to hell before I try to go to my son's basketball game having to drive on two of them during rush hour...wasn't a pretty sight and pretty much ruined me for the rest of the evening.

2. My kids going to Vegas with my ex to see his nephew (I guess that would be my ex-nephew but that just sounds so wrong) compete in a gymnastics even doesn't make me happy. I hope Andrew keeps his phone near.

3. My little sister is growing up.

4. The barista who made my venti iced passion tea with sugar free vanilla got the perfect amount of each ingredient...yummy...not as good as my iced venti sugar free cinnamon dolce non fat latte did, but I'll be ok.

5. Did I mention that I am going to miss my kids this weekend.

6. I really wish I could take away heartbreak from my high schoolers...I remember how much that pain is and in reality how much it really doesn't matter in the scope of real adult life...then again maybe it does...I'll get back to you on that one.

7. I am a very lucky girl.

8. I get to go to a convention for free (thanks to my job) and get to see an old friend to self gotta get those plane tickets bought.

9. Anger, hatred, and misery are just not good emotions to feel...they don't do anyone any good.

10. I will have no time to miss my kids this if that is possible...I have a honor choir event at my school...yeah not going to work...I'll still miss them.

Things I'm Grateful For:
1. That week every month...keeps the M word at bay.

2. Again GS for really picking up the slack during my funk.

3. My wonderful kids...really wonderful...despite my road rage, and the after effects.

4. My beautiful sister.

5. Dustin...

More Later

-A Ro

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