Sunday, February 1, 2009


I am not usually a spontaneous person...I'd really like to think that I am, but I'm really not. I like to plan things and have a plan for most everything I do. I make list of what I am going to bring on a trip and even try to plan for the unexpected by packing lots of stuff that I probably won't need...but I just MIGHT need it so in it goes. So today when my friend called and invited me and my daughter to picnic in the park with her and her daughter, my gut instinct was to decline. After all I had a chore list a mile long and I really don't like going to bed on Sunday night with things left to do. But I thought about Isabella being stuck inside all day on a truly beautiful California day and then I thought about me being stuck inside on a truly beautiful California day...and doing chores no I fought my urges and said YES!!! I am so glad I did. It really was a beautiful day so we packed a lunch and hung out at the park, and then went to the mall to run some errands. The girls had so much fun and my friend and I got a chance to chat and the shade. I truly had a wonderful time.
Isabella and her friend...see what a nice day it was!!

My friend with our two girls

I also got up and ran 4 miles outside. I am still a little sniffly but I got my butt out the door and ran. It was a personal best and I am very proud of myself. I think that I am back on track to my 10K goal.

Things I Noticed Today:
1. Getting myself to walk out the door is sometimes the hardest part.

2. I can play a little and still get chores done. I think that when you have all day to do something it usually takes that long. Work truly does fit into the time allotted.

3. Sometimes the grocery store is good to you...$10 off totally grocery bill pizza with purchase of $25 or more...grapes $.88 a pound...bagels $.25 a piece...and some awesome double coupons. I like grocery outings like that.

4. I just love hanging out with my girl.

5. I had a really awesome weekend.

Things I Am Thankful For:
1. A spur of the moment phone call.
2. A beautiful California Day.
3. The ability to put food on my table.
4. Getting things done.
5. A great weekend.

More Later

- A Ro

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