Monday, March 30, 2009

Arkansas Part 2

First of all I owe some pictures...

My sister in law Michelle and our nephew Tyler

My brother Greg and his wife Michelle.

Good now I haven't slighted anyone...

Anyway...Saturday came...the big day. I went to run with my step dad at a crappy hole in the wall gym that housed the treadmills in the sauna.

Ok not really...but it felt like it...but I got 4.5 miles in before I thought I was going to swim away in my sweat...

...I know too much information.

We hung around the condo, ate Sam's Pizzeria pizza, which by the way was the yummiest pizza around (again diet started today), and got ready to go to the church. Did I mention that it was 37 degrees I didn't...ok IT WAS 37 DEGREES TODAY. I didn't pack our parkas...oh wait we live in CA we don't own parkas...needless to say we froze, and no not the 50 degrees CA freezing...really freezing.

We had to go back to Little Rock that night because our plane left early Sunday morning so we needed to be closer to the airport. So I had to straighten the condo, pack, and get me and the two kidlets ready.

The service was beautiful and I only cried at the end of my song and it was because I looked at stupid of me.

The reception was at Hamilton House one of Al Capone's joints. It was a nice small reception with, again, really fattening food. BBQ Chicken, Fried Catfish, mashed potatoes, baked beans, and salad....geez did I gain 10 pounds or what. We shoved all 10 of us into a big booth/table, and were quite cozy...

Did I mention that we travel with two, two-year olds?

I know it is just the way we roll...we are sorry Hamilton House and First Luthern Church of Hot Springs...I am pretty sure we didn't break anything.

Handsome Andrew and Beautiful Bella

Kate and her posse

Isabella was the hostess...she took her job very seriously...I am just glad no one tried to get by her without signing the guest book...she would have hunted them down.

Andrew was constantly taken down by the babies...he loved every minute of it.

He just loves those babies.

Tomorrow...a reciepe Stuffed Shells...yummy, and quite possibly some more pictures...

...I know, I know, but I just love my far away family.

- A Ro

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