Sunday, March 8, 2009

So Much to Say

OK there are some days when I can hardly think of things to say but much to say. I am sure it is because I didn't get to blog yesterday about my final day at the conference and traveling I guess we shall get started no?

Yesterday was the last day of my conference and I really had a good time. I went to this little brewery for lunch before I needed to go back to hotel get my stuff and get in the much anticipated taxi ride home. So I sit down in the bar area...yes by myself...and notice two gentlemen sitting at a table just across the bar...close enough to see me but far enough away for me to not hear what they are saying. Well half way through my lunch and a few odd glances I realized that I know this guy. He was the choral director at the university where my ex used to work in Arkansas. Now here is my immediate dilemma. I think he recognizes me and we did hang out together with his wife often, but I hadn't seen him since we moved...6 + years ago. So, of course, the rest of my lunch is pretty much ruined because the only thing I could think about was how to handle leaving without saying hi because I would have to pass his table to leave the restaurant. Well I decide that I am just going to go up to him and stick out my hand and say hello...I know what you are saying "who are you and what have you done with my A Ro". Well that is all fine and dandy but as I get up to gather my stuff and hop down off of the bar stool I was sitting on I hit the end of my knife on my plate (teeter totter style) and it goes flying across the bar almost hitting the guy at the next table but the most embarrassing thing was the "KLANGITY KLANG KLANG...KLANG...KLANG...(wait for it) KLANG" as it bounces across the wooden floor. I thought I was gonna die. Well the good news is that I went up shook his hand and had a nice, but thank goodness short, conversation.

...I just hope he didn't notice that my heart was beating out of my chest and i was shaking...geez.

So I go back to the hotel to get my bag and have the hotel call me a taxi...easy enough. I go to the front desk and ask for a taxi and the guy says...and I swear it was in slow motion like the movies..."Hey these two ladies are going to the airport too would you like to share a taxi with them"...I am so sure the look on my face was horrifying because they both look at me and give me major looks of encouragement. So I am about to face my worst fears...small talking while riding in a taxi....AHHHHHH but it does get worse...I know you are thinking how can it get worse...I HAD TO SIT IN THE FRONT SEAT.

...see I told you.

Things I Noticed:
1. The airlines have this thing where when you board the plane if you are "Super platinum, gold bonded, executive bathroom, I am so important" first class you get to walk on a 4 foot red carpet as you go to the the boarding pass taking lady. C'mon are you serious?? I would feel like such a fool walking on the red carpet. Ok I understand they paid god knows too much money for a plane ticket, and they should be able to board the plane first, but do they REALLY need to walk on a red carpet...PUHLEASE
2. They also have this new section of the plane: Economy first class, I believe...looks real similar to the seat I have but i guess not. On this plane last night the "regular joes like me's" section was packed full and the economy first class had about 8 people in it, but the odd thing was that the 6 exit row seats were just in front of me and two of the rows were empty and the other two rows had one person in them each, and they both were very elite older women, you know the kind who think that the rule about cell phone usage, sitting down in your seat before we can leave, and making sure all of the Gucci luggage is properly stowed, doesn't apply to them. Now I was thinking do I really want those two to be the only two that have to figure out how to get all the 100 or so people behind them off this plane??? Needless to say I was a little worried. I just think that the people I want to be sitting in those rows are the people who wouldn't pay extra money for a little more leg room and who would save me before their matching Prada bags...I'm just say'in.
3. I love those kind of moments that you will remember forever. Today sitting in Disney Concert Hall watching my son play the cello with this amazing youth orchestra really struck me hard. I had tears streaming down my face and goose bumps the entire time. It was truly a moving and surreal experience.

Andrew, Me, and Bella at Disney Concert Hall after the performance.

Things I am Thankful For:

1. An amazing, moving, goose bump experience today.

2. Arriving home safely...and there were moments I wasn't so sure.

3. GS for coming all the way to LAX very late at night to get me after a long day of controlling airplanes himself.

4. The ability to get up this morning and run 5 miles despite jet lag and daylight savings time.

5. My two beautiful children

More later

- A Ro

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