Monday, March 2, 2009

Time Travel

Who knew Cher singing: "If I could turn back tahhooum" (translation if I could turn back time) would be so profound...but if you think about it who doesn't have those moments where we think if only I could be like superman and fly around the earth so it would rotate backwards and I could have a chance for a "do over"

This all came about yesterday. Andrew had a football game at noon and we were running a little early...(I know you are thinking what it wrong with this picture)...anyway they had just come from their dads and ate a very big breakfast (this sentence is justifing what I am about to say) so we decided to go get a little ice cream.

...well during the second half of the game the ice cream man came to the park and Bella's friend went to get ice cream...and I told Bella that she already had ice cream so she would need to pass on the ice cream man this time. She was fine with this.


Her friend came back with a snow which Bella exclaimed "I LOVE SNOW CONES"...which she does. So she wished for the entire game that she hadn't gotten the ice cream cone but "saved" her sweet treat for the snow cone. She then told me that she wished there was a way to go back in time and be able to do things differently. The funny thing was that she was telling me this like I hadn't wished this a hundred times...a day.

This was so funny to me and made me think about this idea. There are so many things that I wished I had a "do over".

Now there are so many things that are just easy do overs. Like stopping at one piece of pie instead of two...not choosing to wear the too tight jeans hoping they will stretch...or that time you put your foot in your mouth when you told your boss "Hey my mom has that dress" or you got up to lip sync "I Kissed a Girl" at your faculty party...I know I know get over it...

But there are mistakes that are just meant to be mistakes. Things that we learn from. Like having your heart broken in so many pieces that it seems it will never be repaired only to have it put back together stronger than before. Growing stronger through battling a disease or a loss.

I think there is a good reason we don't have the ability to re-do some things. There are times when I was in the middle of a situation that if I had the magic re-do card I would have not seen it through, but looking back were life changing situations that made me who I am today.

I am also a perfectionist so I fear that I would have spent so much of my life re-doing things because really, even if we got re-dos it would never be as perfect as it is in our minds. We would spend our whole lives trying to be perfect instead of growing and living through our mistakes.

...but I do feel my daughters pain...choosing something that you thought you wanted and then to have the perfect thing show up right around the corner. I hope she remembers that mint chocolate chip ice cream is really good...but its no snow cone.

More later
-A Ro

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