Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Trip to Oklahoma Part 1 - The journey

I hate to isn't something I dread, but when I am doing it I am constantly thinking that I really am not having any fun. The only thing I really like is sitting at the airport...watching people. So as I am, now, sitting in my hotel, done with travel, ready for a great experience at my convention, I decide to do another list...(as you know how much my life revolves around lists)

Things I Hate About Traveling - Chronological order - Please keep in mind this does not include the stress of planning to travel...that is in an earlier post.

1. 2:30 - alarm goes off time to get up...getting up early sucks...getting stuck in LA traffic sucks more...especially if you are a worrier like me.

2. 3:30 - shuttle is supposed to be is not...did I mention that I am a worrier?

3. 3:45 - shuttle comes and there are already three passengers on the van plus the driver. We sit in complete silence for the 40 minute ride. By silence I mean no talking...the Muzak radio was all anyone could hear...and my favorite was the alto saxophone version of "I Will Survive". It was so hard for me to sit there in silence especially when two of the men sneezed and I wanted to say "Bless You" but that might have opened up a big ol can of "needing conversation" worms and I don't think that any of us could have handled that at 3:45 am. But my mind does start to wander...I think things like what if I were to just turn around and yell "Boogedy Boogedy Boo"

...don't worry I didn't.

4. 5:00 am - I finally get through security...and let me tell you that is a whole 'nother Oprah for me...grouchy people waiting in line...feeling like you can't get your crap in the bins fast enough for the people behind you...taking your shoes off and holding your breath as you walk through the metal detector and the panic you feel while you are trying to gather your crap fast enough for the people behind you...geez.

5. 5:15 sitting at the gate with my Starbucks iced the worrying begins for me...I worry about not finding a place to put my carry on suitcase...I realize this is soooo crazy, but the first thing I check is what group I am I know if I board towards the beginning or towards the end...this flight I am group number 3...towards the end...

...I know I need to call my therapist.

6. 6:00 - finally on the plane...don't worry I got my suitcase into a spot...whew. However watching people putting stuff in the overhead really makes me wonder about the human race. Some people just don't know how to fit things into spaces with any sort of intelligence. It isn't hard people...

7. 6:00 - 12:15 - Having to sit with people and make small talk...AAAAAHHHHHAAAAHHH. I just hate being so superficial. I really think that is it...I hate small talk chit chat. I hate doing it, and I hate listening to other people do it...I love talking to people I know really well, and no one would ever label me as shy...just don't like it.

8. 12:15 - The ever so dreaded taxi ride...'nuff said.

9. I guess just being by myself...eating by myself...sitting by myself...I really need to be better at that...I will try to really enjoy this.

10. Missing my kids and Bella being sick...geez feeling bad for John...even though I have done it numerous times before having a sick kid with no living so far away from family, you have to depend on others...not good at that either.

I've got good news and bad news...

Bad News first - I have to do this again on Saturday
Good News - I won't blog about it...

More later -- Pictures and conference stories...I'm sure something crazy or weird will happen, although we are talking about choir directors...

- A Ro

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